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A dart frog on Joshamee Gibbs' shoulder.

"Your sword smells funny."
"Aye. Poison. From the innards of poisonous toads. Just a scratch, and you're a dead man in minutes."
"Would you mind pointing it another way? I don't like toads.
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

A poison dart frog was a kind of red-and-black frogs native in the Caribbean, most notably the island where the Fountain of Youth was located. These frogs were known to be very poisonous, as just a scratch or touch to a skin could kill a person in minutes.


"Stop! Hold very still. Ye dare not let it touch your skin."
Hector Barbossa to Joshamee Gibbs[src]

Hector Barbossa with his poisonous frog collection.

During the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Hector Barbossa and his crew journeyed through dark jungles. At some point in their journey, Barbossa started collecting a jar-full of poisonous frogs. While the crew made their way through the thick jungle, Barbossa noticed a frog on Joshamee Gibbs' shoulder and warned him not to let it touch his skin as he grabbed it and added it to his collection. As the crew continued on, Barbossa glared at his collection in admiration in using them for his purposes.[1]

These frogs were captured by Barbossa so that he could use their poison to make his sword deadly. Barbossa revealed to Jack Sparrow of what he did with his sword, saying that a man could die within minutes with just a scratch. The poison from the frogs proved very effective when Barbossa later used it against Blackbeard at the Fountain of Youth, cutting his hand and stabbing him in the stomach.[1]

It is unknown if these frogs were uninhabited from the island after Barbossa's use for them.

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