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"It's the sea god Poseidon. It's his trident. It's in a chamber somewhere below us. The trident is very powerful—it's the weapon of a god."
Billy Turner[src]

Poseidon was the legendary god of sea. He was one of the well-known sea deities of seagoing lore, with his main domain the ocean. Poseidon possessed a Trident, which could cause earthquakes, wrecking ships, summon the Kraken, and have complete control over the whole race of merfolk. According to some legends, Poseidon had a son named Triton.


Poseidon was the brother of thunder-god Zeus and underworld-god Hades, and as such, one of the most powerful gods of ancient times. His most notable weapon was a magical Trident, which could cause earthquakes, wrecking ships, summon the Kraken, and have complete control over the whole race of merfolk. With the Trident, Poseidon ruled the seas and oceans. At some point, Poseidon fell in love with the goddess Amphitrite. Together, they conceived a son, Triton.

Through unknown circumstances, Poseidon had gotten the clever god Hephaestus to create hundreds of giant enchanted gems, all different colors of the rainbow, with each color representing one of the different types of merfolk. Gathering them deep within Isla Sirena, Poseidon created a magical link between the Trident and the gems, giving him the ultimate power over every mermaid, merman, and merchild on the Seven Seas. However, the ancestors of Morveren, Aquila, and Aquala managed to get the blue stones locked away in a special chamber designed by the goddess Calypso, making all blue-tailed mermaids immune to the Trident's charms.[1]

At some point Poseidon made the "Map No Man Can Read", an island covered in precious stones in a way that they looked like a perfect reflection of the heavens. Poseidon's legendary Trident was eventually hidden off the coast of that jewel-encrusted island, at the bottom of the sea in a place called Poseidon's Tomb.[2] However, whether Poseidon was buried in that tomb or not is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]

"By Poseidon's throne!"
  • Though Poseidon has not made a physical appearance in the POTC universe, he is mentioned in the fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales and two books in the Jack Sparrow series, which focused on his Trident. Poseidon would be used as an interjection in The Legend of Jack Sparrow video game.
  • In Terry Rossio's original script for Dead Men Tell No Tales, it would have been revealed by Syrena that according to a legend, Poseidon, known as Neptune or the Sea Father, tasked the mermaids to keep his Trident, but they failed to keep the Trident and it was lost, leading the mermaids to lose Neptune's favor.[3]


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