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―The woman on Jack Sparrow.[src]

This woman was a posh old lady who lived on the island of Saint Martin during the early 1750s.


At some unspecified point, this woman was born in Saint Martin, where she resided in 1751 during the time of the Quest for the Trident of Poseidon. At some point she would be invited to attend the opening of Royal Bank of Saint Martin along with many other rich inhabitants of the town.[1]

During the opening of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, she stood near Mayor Dix, near the front of the crowd. However, as the vault was opened, the notorious pirate Jack Sparrow was found sleeping inside the vault. Upon seeing the pirate, she yelled "Pirate!", unwittingly alerting the crew of the Dying Gull of the civilians finding Jack. A group of Royal Marines arrived to shoot the pirate, but stopped when they saw that there was a woman in the vault with him. Mayor Dix ordered them to shoot anyway, but Krill informed him that it was the Mayor's wife, Frances. Frances quickly ran off. The woman screamed when the bank suddenly started to move, and slowly disappeared from sight, being pulled by Jack Sparrow's crew.[1] Her further fate is unknown.

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