The Brethren Court is an alliance of contributors who monitor, review, improve and manage Featured articles.

Code of the BrethrenEdit

The basic code guidelines of the Brethren Court:

  1. To review all Featured Article nominations. All nominations have to be approved by the majority of the Pirate Lords.
  2. Review and possibly remove FA status from an article. If a Featured article is deemed to have fallen below Featured standards, it can be stripped of FA status by a majority vote. (These articles will have their Jolly Roger replaced by another symbol [an undecided upon symbol], which will represent its fall from Featured status.)
  3. To vote in new members and depose corrupt members. The Brethren's goal is to eventually get nine members. If a lord believes that another user, who makes frequent worthwhile contributions to the wiki, deserves to be part of the Brethren, then they may nominate them. The nominee is only part of the Brethren when the majority of the existing lords agree upon their entry. If a lord abuses their titles to bully others or if they are blocked three or more times (this includes bans), then a lord can nominate another lord to be stripped of their title. If the majority of the Brethren deem a lord to be unworthy of their title, then the user will no longer be part of the Brethren. If this user shows improvement, then they can be renominated. All votes end a week after the last vote is cast (this is a flexible rule and votes can be extended under some circumstances). All votes involving the Brethren Court concern only active members, i.e. members who have been inactive for less than one month. Therefore any and all votes are based on majorities of active members, not members total. Lords can also have themselves declared inactive, regardless of the duration of inactivity, to exempt themselves from voting for an undefined length of time.

If you don't like this rules, we propose that you jump overboard, as we set sail to the Indies upon the high tide.

Pirate Lords of the BrethrenEdit


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FA nomsEdit

Nominations for FA status to be discussed by the Brethren.

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FA reviewEdit

Featured Articles to be reviewed and discussed by the Brethren.

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Brethren Court member removal nomsEdit

This section is for Pirate Lords to nominate contributors to be removed from the Brethren Court.

New member nominationsEdit

This section is Pirate Lords to nominate contributors to be included to the Brethren Court.

Lord Cutler BeckettEdit

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