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Pirates of the Caribbean is a multi-billion dollar franchise originating from the Walt Disney attraction which opened in 1967, and continued on through a series of films beginning in 2003. There is a strong dedication to Pirates around in the world, particular from those whose sites became our affiliates.

Official Pirates Sites[]

Pirates of the Caribbean rides[]

These are the official websites for the Disney Parks rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean movies[]

These are the official websites for the Pirates film franchise.

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Non-Pirates official sites[]

While may or may not be affiliated with POTC Wiki, they are affiliated with the Pirates franchise.

Partner Wikis[]

Pirates doesn't stop here. Check out all other Wikis related to the franchise.

Fan Sites[]

A number of POTC fan websites currently exist to share news, updates, or simply enjoy a pirate's life. The fan sites listed here are free to use or look upon.

The Legends of Pirates Online[]

These are the websites relating to the fan-made game The Legend of Pirates Online.

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