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This page is designed to set out a standard for article creation and editing, thus ensuring this wiki retains a level of uniformity.

Below are some basic formatting do's and don't's.


All articles should be laid out using this structure:

  • "See also" tags (if applicable)
  • Quote (if applicable)
  • Infobox / Main image (if applicable)
  • Main article
  • Stub tag (if applicable)
  • Behind the scenes section
  • Appearances
  • Sources
  • See also links
  • External links
  • Succession box
  • Category

Naming articles[]

  • Article names should be singular, not plural (for example, "Pirate" not "Pirates".
  • Articles about an individual with more than one name or alias should use the name by which the character is most commonly known. Usually, this will be their official name used up until their death/last appearance. For example, use "Elizabeth Swann" rather than "Elizabeth Turner".
  • Unless the name of the article contains a proper noun, only the first word should be capitalized.


  • All articles relating to something within the Pirates of the Caribbean story should be written using an in-universe perspective—the subject should be treated as real within the story. For example, use "Jack Sparrow was a pirate..." rather than "Jack Sparrow was a fictional character..."
  • Behind the scenes sections and articles relating to real-world subjects and concepts should be written using an out-of-universe perspective—written from a real-life point of view.
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