A Pirates wiki project

This project is a collaboration to improve the Pirates of the Caribbean wiki by embarking on multiple-article projects and making improvements to existing articles.

New additions will commonly be concerned with a defecit of articles relating to a particular source or publication.

Any member can contribute; feel free to discuss projects (proposals or started/completed tasks on the talk page.


PotC Wiki:CodexEdit

Our piratical dictionary. Many pages already filled in with at least one entry, though this needs expansion -- and must be completely sourced.

Things to do:

  • Create all Codex pages, with at least one entry to justify their existence:
  • Create entry-specific redirects for all Codex entries; e.g. "Abandon ship" redirects to Codex:A#Abandon ship.
  • Source any unsourced entries; provide quotes or examples from the franchise.
    • It would be great to find any official use of abbreviations such as "CotBP", "DMC" and "AWE".
    • Captain's Log needs a real-world source.
  • Further entries can be added. Transcripts or screenplays of the films are a great help, as we can effectively catalogue all instances of words, phrases etc.

Completed projectsEdit

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowEdit

Currently we have articles for all books in the series and articles for a handful of characters and vessels. The first four book articles include a list of appearances, mostly containing redlinks. These articles need to be created and relevant information from all currently released books added.

Major articles to add:

Major articles to improve:


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack SparrowEdit

This game seems to have been largely forgotten, with little information on Jack's exploits added to articles.

Major articles to add:

Major articles to improve: