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This article is about the British merchant ship. You may be looking for the pirate ship of the same name.

"It's most likely the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed."
"A lot of good it did them. Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it. Pirates.
Lieutenant James Norrington and Joshamee Gibbs[src]

The Princess was a British merchant vessel. While sailing on the Caribbean Sea, the heavily-armed vessel was attacked by the crew of a haunted ghost ship with black sails, the Black Pearl. The burning wreckage and a young Will Turner, the only survivor of the attack, would be found by the crew of the HMS Dauntless.


Not much is known of this merchant ship's history, only that while sailing through the Caribbean Sea[1], the ship was attacked by the crew of the Black Pearl, under the command of Hector Barbossa. The cursed pirates attacked the vessel while searching for one of 882 pieces of Aztec gold—given to young Will Turner by his father, Bootstrap Bill, and carried by the boy during the voyage. The Pearl struck the ship's powder magazine, causing it to explode, killing all on board except Turner, who was able to survive the attack and was seen floating on a piece of shipwreck before being rescued by the crew of the HMS Dauntless. After rescuing young Will, the Dauntless crew saw the wreck of the merchant vessel.[2]

The Princess sinking (Lego POTC video game).

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