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Puerto San Judas
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Isla Fortuna

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The Pirate Chase

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The Sword of Cortés

"No use in worrying. We'll be docked in Puerto San Judas in no time."
Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Barnacle[src]

Puerto San Judas was the main port of Isla Fortuna in the Caribbean. It was named after Jude, the patron saint of desperate situations.[1]


"I'm headed back into the city to see if anyone left supper on. Coming?"
Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Barnacle[src]

The town contained a butcher's shop, an apothecary, a dairy and a fishmonger's.[2] It also contained an inn known for selling gumbo.[3] A wooden church was built in honor of Saint Jude.[4]

When the infamous pirate Left-Foot Louis came to town, he used the Sword of Cortés to make the town's population vanish. The dock was destroyed by Jack Sparrow when he was under the influence of the spirit of Hernán Cortés. However, the townspeople were returned to the world after Montecuhzoma's spirit was released to defeat Cortés.

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