"Remind me, which one are you? Axel or Pushy?"
"I am Askay. And this is my twin brother, Pusasn.
Jack Sparrow and Askay[src]

Pusasn was a pirate from India who served as Sri Sumbhajee's aide and spoke for him during the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court. He served alongside his twin brother, Askay.


"Sri Sumbhajee votes for Sri Sumbhajee."
―Pusasn to the Brethren Court[src]

Nothing is known of Pusasn's early life, except that he, at some point, became a pirate under captain Sumbhajee Angia, along with his twin brother, Askay. They served as aides to Angria, speaking on his behalf.

Askay, Pusasn and Sumbhajee were present at the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court. Askay and his brother stood at either side of their master, ready to speak for him.

Pusasn announced Sumbhajee's choice in the election of a Pirate King after witnessing his brother's death at the hands of Captain Edward Teague.

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