Queen Anne's Revenge is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It appeared as a track on the film's complete soundtrack.

Track DescriptionEdit

Queen Anne's Revenge Sample
Queen Anne's Revenge Sample

The new theme for the Queen Anne's Revenge.

This track serves as an exposition for the new theme for Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. The first half of the theme is based on a descending chromatic scale. The second half maintains the same rhythm, but the intervals vary. It ends the same way as Blackbeard's theme, with an E, Eb, D cadence (II, II flat, I).

This new theme is heard twice in the track over a tonic pedal, with an intermission featuring the sixnote triplet pedal note.

The track can be heard as Jack Sparrow discovers that he was imprisoned aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and while the camera does a sweeping shot of the Revenge sailing.


  • This track is also known as "Aboard the QAR" from the alternative track listing.
  • This is the first appearance of two new themes for Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge.
  • This track is comprised of entirely new material.


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