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The quest for the Fountain of Youth.

"So will you not give up this quest, then?"
Jack Sparrow to Angelica[src]

A quest was a journey or effort towards a goal. This mission for an object, whether it's to find a location or some lost treasure, endured great exertion and the overcoming of many obstacles, including much travel to exotic locations and cultures. The object in question can be something new, that fulfilled a lack in a person's life, or something that was stolen away from him or someone with authority to dispatch him.


Back when he was a young, teenage stowaway, Captain Jack Sparrow led a ragtag crew aboard the Barnacle to find and procure the Sword of Cortés.[1] After Jack Sparrow became captain of the Black Pearl, the mystic Tia Dalma sent him and his crew off to find and collect nine scattered pieces of mystical metal known as Shadow Gold to stop the alchemist, the Shadow Lord, from destroying the Pirate Lords with his Shadow Army.[2] In the years when Hector Barbossa's cursed crew of the Black Pearl haunted the seas, there were two notables quests that occurred: Barbossa's quest to lift the Aztec curse, and Jack Sparrow's quest to regain the Black Pearl.[3] To settle his debt with Davy Jones, the ghostly captain of the Flying Dutchman, Jack Sparrow searched for the Dead Man's Chest, which was also a chest of value to Lord Cutler Beckett.[4] Several years later, a perilous adventure ensued as the Spanish Armada, the British Navy and a pirate crew set out in a race to find the Fountain of Youth.[5]

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  • In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, quests are missions in which the player is asked to perform various tasks for either reputation, gold, clothing, weapons, or other collectibles.



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