"I confess that I have survived on my own, with nothing but a diary from a father I never knew. On a quest for the truth of who I am. I confess that I will die before I give up this search."
Carina Smyth[src]

The Quest for the Trident of Poseidon was a quest undertaken by several parties to reach the Trident of Poseidon. Captain Hector Barbossa sought the Trident to reclaim control of the seas, while Captain Jack Sparrow sought the Trident to defeat Capitán Armando Salazar and the Crew of the Silent Mary who in turn sought it to break their curse. Henry Turner sought the Trident as a way to break his father's eternal enslavement to the Flying Dutchman. Lieutenant John Scarfield and his crew mainly sought revenge upon Jack Sparrow for his escape and to keep rule of the seas in the hands of the British Empire.

Before the QuestEdit

Birth of the SparrowEdit

After losing his father and grandfather to pirates, Capitán Armando Salazar of the Spanish Royal Navy became determined to wipe piracy from the face of the Earth. Salazar became a notorious pirate hunter that mercilessly hunted down and killed pirates. However, during the Battle off the Devil's Triangle, Salazar came into conflict with the young man that had become Captain of the Wicked Wench. The young man tricked Salazar and his crew into the Devil's Triangle where the Silent Mary was destroyed. The young man would forever be known as Captain Jack Sparrow for his actions that day. Unknown to the pirates, Salazar and his crew became cursed, turning into ghosts trapped in the Devil's Triangle by its power.

Curse of the Flying DutchmanEdit

Davy Jones and Jack SparrowEdit

After the Wicked Wench was sunk by Lord Cutler Beckett, Jack made a deal with Davy Jones, the captain of the fabled Flying Dutchman to raise the ship from the ocean depths. Afterwards, the Wicked Wench became known as the Black Pearl.

Thirteen years after the deal was struck, Jones came after Jack to collect on his bargain. Desperate to avoid his fate, Jack began a search for the Dead Man's Chest at the same time the Lord Cutler Beckett began doing the same so that he could gain control of the seas for the East India Trading Company and wipe piracy out. In the conflict that followed, Jack was dragged to Davy Jones' Locker by the Kraken with the Black Pearl while Beckett got the Heart of Davy Jones from James Norrington.

Will Turner and the Flying DutchmanEdit

While attempting to save the love of his life Elizabeth Swann, Will Tuner learned of the presence of his father aboard the Flying Dutchman and became determined to save him. During the titanic battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman, Will was mortally wounded by Jones who was then killed by Jack using Will's hand.

As a result of Will's hand being used to kill Davy Jones, Will was resurrected as the Captain of the Flying Dutchman and was cursed to eternally sail the seas ferrying the dead. As part of his curse, Will could only come ashore for a single day once every ten years. Before departing for his duty, Will consummated his recent marriage to Elizabeth, leaving her pregnant with their son Henry.

A Son's DesperationEdit

Not wanting his father to be bound to the Flying Dutchman for all eternity, Henry became desperate to free him. At twelve years old, after studying many myths and legends, Henry learned of the Trident of Poseidon, a mythical artifact that was supposed to be capable of breaking the curses of the sea. Henry managed to board the Flying Dutchman briefly, but Will believed that his curse could not be broken and ordered Henry to forget his plans. Henry refused to give up however and became intent to seek out Captain Jack Sparrow to find the Trident.

Loss of the Black PearlEdit

Shortly after the defeat of the East India Trading Company, Captain Hector Barbossa led a second mutiny and stole the Black Pearl from Captain Jack Sparrow a second time. While commanding the Black Pearl, Barbossa suffered an attack by Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge. Barbossa managed to escape by cutting off his right leg, but believed the Black Pearl to have been sunk. In reality, Blackbeard used the Sword of Triton to trap the Black Pearl in a ship-in-a-bottle. To get revenge, Barbossa became a privateer in the British Royal Navy.

Quest for the Fountain of YouthEdit

First searchEdit

Anticipating Barbossa's actions, Jack cut out the center of the Mao Kun map and began a search for the fabled Fountain of Youth in order to gain immortality. Though guided by the map and his compass, Jack was unable to locate the Fountain of Youth, though he got very close. Jack's inability to find the Fountain ultimately forced him to abandon his quest for it. Despite this, Jack became known for "finding" the Fountain.

Second searchEdit

After the Spanish Castaway informed King Ferdinand of Spain about the Fountain of Youth, a second search was begun in earnest with the Spaniard and his forces seeking to destroy it, the British Empire represented by Barbossa to deny it to the Spanish and Blackbeard to gain immortality to avoid his prophesized death. Both Barbossa and Blackbeard sought the aid of Captain Jack Sparrow due to his "locating" the Fountain previously. The conflict came to a head in a battle that left the Fountain destroyed. After Blackbeard was mortally wounded by Barbossa and Angelica fatally poisoned, Jack used the Fountain's powers to save Angelica's life.

Recovery of the Black PearlEdit

While everyone else was searching for the Fountain of Youth, Joshamee Gibbs was able to use Jack's compass to recover the Black Pearl from the Queen Anne's Revenge and steal the other ships trapped by Blackbeard. However, Jack and Gibbs lacked a way to restore the Black Pearl to normal.

Barbossa's Good FortuneEdit

Following the defeat of Blackbeard, Barbossa claimed the Sword of Triton and the Queen Anne's Revenge for himself. Returning to a life of piracy, Barbossa was able to amass a fleet of ten pirate ships and gained great riches and power.

Jack's Bad LuckEdit

Though Jack recovered the Black Pearl in bottle form, he is unable to find a way to restore it to normal size. Jack eventually becomes the captain of the Dying Gull, but he and his crew's efforts to find treasure all turn out badly.

The QuestEdit

Events in the Devil's TriangleEdit

Pirate ChaseEdit

The pirate ship Ruddy Rose was chased by the British Royal Navy warship Monarch who intended to bring the pirates to justice. As the Ruddy Rose led the Monarch towards the Devil's Triangle, sailor Henry Turner recognized what they were sailing towards. Having studied all the myths and curses of the sea, Henry attempted to warn Captain Toms about the Devil's Triangle, but the captain refused to listen. After Henry attempted to forcefully change the Monarch's course, he was branded a traitor and locked in the brig. Disregarding Henry's warnings completely, Captain Toms sailed the Monarch into the Devil's Triangle.

Battle in the Devil's TriangleEdit

By the time that the Monarch reached the inside of the Devil's Triangle, the Ruddy Rose had already been destroyed by the Silent Mary and her ghost crew. The Monarch found the wreckage of the Ruddy Rose and spotted the Silent Mary, but dismissed it as a shipwreck. Too late the crew realized that they were dealing with an actual attacking ship and futilely attempted to defend themselves against Capitán Armando Salazar and his ghost crew. The Crew of the Monarch were mercilessly slaughtered by the ghosts.

"Dead Men Tell No Tales"Edit

Heading below decks, the ghost crew discovered the imprisoned Henry and another man. While the ghosts killed the other man, Salazar realized from the wanted posters that Henry had dropped that he was searching for Captain Jack Sparrow. Salazar promised to spare Henry's life and asked Henry to deliver to Jack Sparrow the message that Salazar would one day be free and would come for revenge. Salazar explained that Jack and his compass were the key to freeing him and proclaimed that he could not deliver the message himself as "dead men tell no tales."

Events on Saint MartinEdit

Bank robbery in Saint MartinEdit

At the same time that Carina Smyth escapes her jail cell after having been sentenced to death for witchcraft, Captain Jack Sparrow leads the Crew of the Dying Gull in a daring robbery on the Bank of Saint Martin. The attempt to steal the vault by dragging it with a team of horses results in the entire bank being ripped off of its foundations and dragged behind the horses. This has the unfortunate side effect of causing the money from the vault to spill all over the ground as the vault is dragged.

During the commotion, Carina makes her way into an astronomer's shop with the intention to steal a chronometer to determine the time of an approaching blood moon. While making his way through Saint Martin, Jack enters the shop and encounters Carina, causing the startled astronomer to hold both at gunpoint. After the passing bank destroys part of the shop wall, the two manage to escape and Jack drops Carina onto a cart of hay so she can get away from the British soldiers following her. The bank itself is eventually demolished by a collision with a bridge, allowing the pirates to escape with the vault.

Jack's Crew Abandons HimEdit

Upon reaching the Dying Gull, the pirates discover only a single coin left in the vault and are enraged. With Jack demanding tribute from them and possessing no real ship, the crew turns on Jack. As all of their ventures have ended badly and Hector Barbossa essentially rules the seas, the crew, including Jack's loyal First Mate Joshamee Gibbs decide that Jack now has only bad luck and abandon him.

Henry and Carina MeetEdit

After the destruction of the Monarch, Henry is able to paddle his way to Saint Martin on a piece of driftwood where he is found, "jabbering about pirates and tridents." Henry is taken to the local hospital and chained down. When he awakens, Lieutenant John Scarfield states his belief that Henry is a deserter and a traitor and will be executed as one.

After Scarfield and his men leave, Henry is visited by Carina, disguised as a nun. Having heard rumors about Henry speaking of the Trident of Poseidon, Carina questions him about it. Henry explains that the Trident can break all curses at sea, including the one that his father is under. While Carina doesn't believe in curses, she reveals her possession of the Diary of Galileo Galilei which reveals that the Map No Man Can Read is in the stars. Carina tells Henry that there is a Blood Moon approaching, the only time that the Map can be read. Carina gives Henry something to pick his cuffs and urges him to find them a ship so they can find the Trident. As Scarfield and his men arrive, Carina attempts to escape, but is quickly captured. However, it distracts Scarfield and his men long enough for Henry to pick the lock on his chains and escape.

Jack Betrays His CompassEdit

On the run from the British soldiers and having fallen into a mud puddle, Jack flees into a bar where he orders a bottle of rum. Unable to pay for the rum and depressed from all of his failures, Jack trades his compass for the rum. As a result of Jack betraying his compass, the compass reacts by unleashing his greatest fear, Armando Salazar. The compass causes the Devil's Triangle to disintegrate around Salazar, his crew and the Silent Mary, setting them loose upon the world once more as undead ghosts.

As Henry sneaks through town, he spots Jack outside of the bar. Before Jack can take a drink or Henry can approach him, Scarfield and his men arrive and arrest Jack. Observed by Henry from a distance, Scarfield announces Jack's execution at dawn.

The Blood Moon RisesEdit

As Carina is in her cell, the Blood Moon rises in the sky, causing the ruby on the front of the diary to glow. Seeing that the ruby is illuminating the cover of the diary better, Carina removes the ruby and discovers writing stating that "to release the power of the sea, all must divide." The light from the ruby also illuminates a constellation and below it, an island. Carina realizes that this means that the stars will lead to an island.

An Alliance Is FormedEdit

Disguised as a British soldier, Henry infiltrates the prison in search of Jack. After being tricked by a dummy dressed up with Jack's clothes and hat, Henry is briefly taken prisoner through his cell bars by Jack. Henry introduces himself as the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann to Jack's distaste and explains his search for the Trident of Poseidon so he can free Will from his curse. Jack ignores Henry's requests for his help until Henry tells Jack about his encounter with Salazar in the Devil's Triangle and how Salazar is coming for revenge. Henry is able to convince Jack to help him due to the fact that only the Trident can save Jack from Salazar and his undead crew.

Barbossa Is TargetedEdit

Destruction of Barbossa's fleetEdit

Shortly after escaping from the Devil's Triangle, the Silent Mary and her crew begin targeting Barbossa's fleet. Salazar and his crew sink three ships from Barbossa's fleet, leaving one man alive from each to tell the tale. Word of the attacks eventually reaches Murtogg and Mullroy who inform Hector Barbossa. Barbossa recognizes Salazar's name and becomes alarmed by the news.

Meeting with ShansaEdit

Terrified, Barbossa travels to Saint Martin to meet with the witch Shansa in her cell. Shansa explains that Salazar wants Jack, not Barbossa and that Jack is searching for the Trident as it is his only chance for survival. While Barbossa doesn't believe that the Trident can be found, Shansa reveals that "Jack will sail for the Trident with a girl and a Pearl." Showing Barbossa an image of his fleet being decimated, Shansa suggests that he retire to the countryside due to the danger from Salazar who cannot go on land. However, Barbossa refuses and seeks a way to recover his lost treasure. Shansa explains how Jack's betrayal of his compass caused it to unleash his worst fear which is Salazar. Shansa gives Barbossa Jack's compass and tells him to lead Salazar to Jack and that all of Barbossa's treasure will return to him. Barbossa departs to make a deal with the dead.

Escape from Saint MartinEdit

At dawn, Jack is put into a guillotine for execution while Carina is set up to be hanged. As the two pirates argue as their execution approaches, Henry swings in as a distraction, allowing Jack's crew to use a cannon to demolish the platform holding him. The pirates and British forces engage in battle as Jack orders Gibbs to pay for rescuing him and Henry struggles to free Carina who agrees to become allies with him. The pirates are eventually able to subdue the British forces and take Henry and Carina captive to lead them to the Trident before departing Saint Martin in the Dying Gull.

Making a Deal with the DeadEdit

Barbossa and the Queen Anne's Revenge are eventually able to locate the Silent Mary. As the Silent Mary prepares to destroy the Queen Anne's Revenge, Barbossa announces that he knows Salazar is looking for Jack Sparrow. Salazar and his men board the Queen Anne's Revenge where they quickly capture the crew and Salazar demands to know what Barbossa is talking about with Jack Sparrow. Barbossa informs Salazar that Jack is looking for the Trident, but that Barbossa can lead Salazar to Jack. Barbossa promises that he will lead Salazar to Jack by sunrise the next day if Salazar will spare his life and his crew. Salazar agrees, but has his men kill several of the pirates before taking the rest onboard.

Revealing the MapEdit

Onboard the Dying Gull, Henry attempts to get Carina to reveal what she learned from the Blood Moon. Carina finally admits that the Blood Moon revealed a clue she doesn't understand: "to release the power of the sea, all must divide." However, they are interrupted by Jack and his crew who have been unable to locate the Map No Man Can Read with no luck. Carina tries to explain that the Map doesn't exist yet as it has to be done through astronomy, but the pirates believe that she is being difficult and threaten to keelhaul Henry to get her to cooperate. After the pirates throw Henry overboard and describe in detail his fate, Carina finally tells them that the Map can be seen in the stars that night. The pirates then reveal that they dropped Henry into a longboat and he is in fact safe.

Scarfield and ShansaEdit

With Salazar and his crew destroying ships all over the place, Scarfield takes Shansa to Carina's cell and demands that Shansa read the markings on the wall made by Carina for him. Scarfield is determined that if the Trident of Poseidon is real, it will belong to the British Empire so that they can rule the seas. Telling Scarfield that "your destiny is in these stars," Shansa agrees to "set your course."

First Night of SearchingEdit

That night, Carina uses the constellation depicted on the front of the diary to guide the Dying Gull in the search for the Trident. While helping to guide the ship, Henry grows frustrated over Jack's antics and Jack recognizes Henry's attraction to Carina and attempts to give Henry romantic advice with little success. While discussing the situation, Henry and Carina realize that they have both spent their lives searching for their fathers and are not so different.

Catching Up to the SparrowEdit

A Dead Man's TaleEdit

As sunrise approaches, Barbossa uses Jack's compass to guide the Silent Mary in pursuit of Jack. Frustrated as Barbossa promised to lead him to Jack by sunrise, Salazar prepares to kill Barbossa. Barbossa suggests that they have a common enemy as Barbossa also knows what its like to be bested by Captain Jack Sparrow. Angered that Barbossa claims to know about him, Salazar tells Barbossa the tale of his life, particularly how he was defeated by Jack Sparrow and became cursed. As Salazar prepares to kill Barbossa, Barbossa spots the Dying Gull off in the distance.

Mutiny on the Dying GullEdit

With it now daylight, Carina attempts to use horology to determine their exact location while the crew express doubt in her ability to lead them to the Trident. As things get tense, Gibbs spots the Silent Mary approaching and Jack suggests that the crew mutiny. Following Jack's suggestion, the crew mutiny and throw Jack, Carina and Henry off of the Dying Gull to row to shore in a longboat.

Undead Shark AttackEdit

Seeing Jack heading for shore, Salazar orders his undead sharks released to chase Jack down. At the same time, believing that she is safe since Salazar and his men are after Jack, Carina jumps overboard to swim to shore on her own. As Henry prepares to follow her, the undead sharks attack the longboat, severely damaging it. While fending one off, Henry falls overboard, but manages to make it back aboard the longboat just in time.

As Salazar and his men run across the water towards the sinking longboat, Henry tosses Carina's dress overboard as a distraction for the sharks and begins swimming for it. However, Jack's foot gets caught in the wooden planks of the longboat and he is unable to follow. Grabbing a rope and hook from the longboat, Jack hooks one of the undead sharks in the mouth and ties it to the boat. As the shark races away, it drags the longboat behind it and Jack is able to pull Henry in. Steering the shark through tugs on the rope, Jack and Henry manage to safely make it to land shortly after Carina.

Standoff Between Salazar and JackEdit

Shortly after Jack, Henry and Carina reach the shore, the crew of the Silent Mary do as well, but are stuck at the waterline. After one of the crew disintegrates upon touching land, Jack realizes that they cannot walk on land and he is safe there. As Carina runs off in terror at the revelation that ghosts are real, Henry and Jack follow her. As they depart, Salazar promises to be waiting for Jack to get his revenge.

Capture of the Crew of the Dying GullEdit

Searching for Jack aboard the Essex, Scarfield and his men locate the Dying Gull. Spotting the powerful British warship and panicking, Gibbs makes Scrum the captain to avoid being harmed by Scarfield and his men. The Dying Gull and her crew are captured by the British forces who begin beating "Captain" Scrum to try to force the crew to tell them where Jack has gone. The crew is eventually taken prisoner and locked in the bring on the Essex.

Hangman's BayEdit

Accord between Barbossa and SalazarEdit

Enraged at Jack being on land where he cannot reach him, Salazar begins executing the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Barbossa attempts to convince Salazar to release him and his crew to find Jack as they can go on land when Salazar cannot. In return, Barbossa promises to deliver Jack to Salazar. Seeing no other option, Salazar releases Barbossa and his crew.

A WeddingEdit

On the island, which Jack and Henry discover to be Hangman's Bay, they and Carina are captured by pirates led by Pig Kelly to whom Jack owes a debt. Pig Kelly decides to force Jack to marry his ugly sister Beatrice to satisfy Jack's debt, threatening to kill him, Carina and Henry if he refuses. As Jack tries to avoid being forced to marry Beatrice, the proceedings are disrupted by Barbossa who shoots Pig Kelly in the leg to force him and his men to flee.

Restoration of the Black PearlEdit

While Barbossa made the deal to trade Jack for his and his crew's lives, Barbossa decides that he instead wants to find the Trident of Poseidon for himself in order to restore his control of the seas. When Jack points out that there is no ship that can match the Silent Mary's speed, Barbossa points out that there is one: the Black Pearl which Jack still keeps in his coat in its ship-in-a-bottle form. Drawing the Sword of Triton, Barbossa pierces the bottle containing the Black Pearl with it, undoing the magic Blackbeard used to trap the ship in the first place. After the Black Pearl is tossed into the ocean, it grows back to its normal size, restoring the Black Pearl in all its glory. The restoration of the Black Pearl also restores Jack the monkey who returns to his master's side.

Race to the Black rock islandEdit

Escape of the Crew of the Dying GullEdit

That night, as the Essex chases the Black Pearl, the crew of the Dying Gull are locked in the ship's brig. Gibbs notes that they could pick the lock if they had something sharp before noticing Scrum's long toenail. Ripping it off, the crew picks the brig's lock and escapes the Essex in a longboat. Spotting the Black Pearl in the distance, the excited crew makes for the ship.

Alliances and RevelationsEdit

In order to ensure that Jack won't disrupt his command of the Black Pearl, Barbossa ties Jack to the mast and Henry and Carina to the ship's bell. Unable to find anything that will support Henry and Carina's story about the stars leading them to an island that isn't on any map, Barbossa is skeptical about the idea of releasing Carina to lead them. However, after spotting the Essex chasing the Black Pearl, he agrees to release Henry and Carina so they can lead him to the Trident.

As Carina guides the Black Pearl, she and Henry bicker briefly about her changed world view before Henry goes to the lookout. Carina continues to use the Diary of Galileo Galilei to help guide her, drawing Barbossa's interest as he recognizes the book. Carina argues with Barbossa over where she got the book originally, telling him how it was left to her by her father on the steps of a children's home along with a name. After Carina identifies herself as Carina Smyth, Barbossa is shocked to realize that she is his daughter, though he doesn't tell her this, brushing off his knowledge of the origin of her first name. Moving across the deck, Barbossa checks Jack's compass which points directly at Carina, identifying her as the thing that Barbossa wants most.

Having overheard the conversation, Jack realizes that he and Barbossa knew a Margaret Smyth and that Carina is Barbossa's daughter. Jack threatens to reveal Barbossa's secret if they don't come to an accord, with Barbossa's reaction to threaten Jack's life confirming Jack's suspicions. Barbossa finally explains that after Margaret died, he left Carina in an orphanage to find a better life, hoping the ruby would afford her a better life. However, he never expected her to live a life that would lead her back to him. Jack attempts to make a deal with Barbossa for his silence which includes him getting back his compass and Jack the monkey to eat, but Barbossa just has the monkey gag Jack.

End of the EssexEdit

Henry notices the Essex approaching off the starboard and warns the crew who prepare to fight the Essex with Scarfield confident that they can win and get the Trident so that the British Empire can control the power of the sea. Before the fight can begin, the Silent Mary comes up on the other side of the Essex, splits in half and crushes the Essex between the two halves, destroying the British ship and killing Scarfield and his crew.

Duel between the Black Pearl and the Silent MaryEdit

Coming up right alongside the Black Pearl, Salazar and several of his crewmembers swung over to the pirate ship where they engaged in battle with the pirates. Finally reaching the Black Pearl, the crew of the Dying Gull joined in defending the ship while Henry cut Jack free and Carina focused on using the stars to guide her to the island. As their crews battled it out, Jack and Salazar dueled on top of the Black Pearl and Silent Mary's cannons with Jack redirecting a cannon blast from the Silent Mary to target the Silent Mary's figurehead which came to life and attacked him. As Jack and Salazar take their duel onto the Silent Mary, Carina spots Black rock island as it starts to get lighter out, meaning that the stars will soon disappear. As Salazar goes to strike Jack down, Jack notices the approach of the island, distracting Salazar long enough for Jack to escape to the Black Pearl.

Seeing the approach of the island, Lieutenant Lesaro desperately changes the course of the Silent Mary while the crewmembers on the Black Pearl attempt to return to their ship. As the Black Pearl heads for the beach Salazar attempts to take the wheel from Carina and change course, but is intercepted by Henry. As the Black Pearl beaches itself on the island, crewmembers from the Silent Mary that are still aboard the Black Pearl are turned to dust as the ship passes over land. At the last moment, Salazar swings back to the Silent Mary which is able to change course in time, but abducts Henry at the same time.

Poseidon's TombEdit

Finding the TombEdit

As the sun rises, the crew of the Black Pearl notices that the rocks on the island light up and Carina realizes that the island is the Map No Man Can Read. The island is a perfect reflection of the heavens. Carina notices that one of the rubies on the island that matches the stars that led them there is not glowing and leads Jack and Barbossa to it. Examining the ruby, Carina finds a piece missing and upon Barbossa's prompting, uses the ruby from the diary cover to complete it. Completing the ruby causes the island to light up in the form of the constellation that the crew had been following, triggering the Trident to open a sea trench leading to Poseidon's Tomb which is underwater. The trench opens as far as the spot where Jack and Carina are standing, causing them to fall into it while Barbossa is able to avoid the same fate.

Battle of Poseidon's TombEdit

Following the underwater trench, Jack and Carina find the Trident of Poseidon, sitting in the middle. As the two prepare to approach, Salazar arrives, having possessed Henry to walk on land. As the rest of Salazar's crew drops into the water surrounding the Trident, Jack and Salazar duel while Carina attempts to free the Trident. Jack is handicapped by his inability to harm Salazar without hurting Henry while Carina has trouble freeing the Trident. Finally, Carina manages to free the Trident, but it goes flying and Salazar wins a brief struggle over it.

Now in control of the Trident, Salazar is able to free himself from Henry's body and walk on land, though he remains a ghost. As Carina attempts to wake the unconscious Henry, Salazar uses the power of the Trident to blast Jack around, at one point blasting him into the water where Salazar's crew attacks him briefly.

"All Must Divide"Edit

As Salazar throws Jack around, Henry finally awakens, remembering that the clue on the diary stated that "to release the power of the sea, all must divide." The two realize that if the Trident holds all the power of the sea, all the curses must be held within. Tiring of blasting Jack around, Salazar attacks him directly with the Trident and attempts to stab Jack in the heart with it. However, Jack has the Diary of Galileo Galilei in his coat pocket, having picked it up after he and Carina fell into the trench. As a result, the Trident penetrates the book rather than Jack.

As Salazar struggles to stab Jack with the Trident, Henry and Carina realizes that to release the power of the sea and break all of the curses, they must break the Trident. As Salazar continues to struggle with Jack, Henry charges in and shatters the Trident of Poseidon with a swing of his sword. Breaking the Trident instantly breaks all the curses at sea, restoring Salazar and his crew to life.

A Father's SacrificeEdit

As Salazar and his crew enjoy their restored mortality, the walls of the trench start to collapse inward with the power of the Trident no longer maintaining the trench. To save Jack, Carina and Henry, Barbossa has the Black Pearl lower her anchor into the trench with Barbossa himself on it so that the three can climb to safety.

As the Black Pearl skirts dangerously close to the edge of the trench, Jack, Carina, Henry and Barbossa attempt to climb the anchor chain to safety while the crew attempts to raise it in time. Seeing this, Salazar and his crew chase the anchor with Salazar and two of his men jump on and attempt to climb the chain themselves to safety. While climbing, Carina loses her grip and falls, but is caught by Barbossa. After seeing a tattoo on his arm that matches the constellation she had followed to the island, Carina realizes that Barbossa is her father. However, Barbossa spots Salazar climbing the chain with his sword raised below her. Seeing this as well, Jack drops Henry's sword to Barbossa who catches it and throws himself off the anchor chain at Salazar. Barbossa stabs Salazar in the back, knocking him off the chain and into his two crewmen, sending all three off the chain. On his way down, Salazar slams into the anchor face first, killing him once again. Salazar, his two men and Barbossa fall into the collapsing trench, drowning Barbossa and Salazar's crew.


Immediate AftermathEdit

After Barbossa's sacrifice, Jack, Henry and Carina are pulled to safety on the Black Pearl where everyone mourns the death of Hector Barbossa. In honor of Barbossa's sacrifice, Carina changes her last name from Smyth to Barbossa.

The Turner FamilyEdit

The destruction of the Trident of Poseidon finally breaks the curse eternally binding Will Turner to the Flying Dutchman, allowing Will to finally reunite with his son and his wife. Over the course of the quest, Henry falls in love with Carina and the two kiss and apparently start a relationship of their own.

Jack Sparrow and the Black PearlEdit

With Barbossa dead, Captain Jack Sparrow once again regains control of the Black Pearl. Jack's crew is made up of the surviving crews from the Dying Gull and the Queen Anne's Revenge. With his master dead, Jack the monkey chooses Jack as his new master. As a sign of peace, Jack the monkey returns Jack's compass to him with which Jack resumes his adventures beyond his beloved horizon.

Davy JonesEdit

The breaking of all the curses at sea apparently resurrects Davy Jones. Will has what he believes to be a nightmare of Davy Jones preparing to strike at him and Elizabeth, but a puddle of water and a few barnacles on the floor indicates that Davy Jones has indeed returned.

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