The Price of FreedomEdit

Spoken by EsmeraldaEdit

"After my parents died, he decided I must become a fine lady, perhaps serve at court, so he put me in a convent school in Barcelona."
―Esmeralda to Jack Sparrow, talking about Don Rafael[src]
"My friends, we have encountered a merchant ship in dire need of our help. I hereby pledge to Captain Jack my assistance, and the assistance of my crew. My reason for doing so is simple: Captain Jack was a friend of my grandfather’s. Don Rafael liked and respected him. If Don Rafael were only alive today, may all the saints and the Virgin bless him, he would do as I am doing. So, may I count on your help, my friends?"
―Esmeralda to the crew of the Venganza[src]
"Lots of rum, lots of women. That's Jack for you."

Spoken about EsmeraldaEdit

"She's a lady."
Edward Teague[src]


"Abomination! Leave my ship!"
"Señor, I know not who you are, but you are sadly lacking in manners. That is no way to speak to a lady. Drop your sword, and you and your crew will live.
Nathaniel Bainbridge and Esmeralda[src]
"How long have you been sailing with Don Rafael, Doña Esmeralda?"
"Since I was fifteen. Eleven years, now.
―Esmeralda and Jack Sparrow[src]
"Teague can be...rough...on those who annoy him."
"I’ve heard...
―Jack Sparrow and Esmeralda[src]
"Davy real?"
"He is. He sails on some kind of ghost ship. The
Flying Dutchman."
"But Davy Jones...that is not a Dutch name."
"Maybe he stole the ship? Your guess is as good as mine.
―Esmeralda and Jack Sparrow[src]
"I have eight pesos. How many do you need?"
"Neptune’s nightgown, love! You can't go flashing that much money here! This is Shipwreck City! Are you mad?
―Esmeralda and Jack Sparrow[src]
"About last night. Me memory is a bit...foggy."
"I am not surprised by that. You were wounded and lost a fair amount of blood. I understand you took a knock on the head. And, of course, you were drunk."
"All of those things are true. But I do remember watching you unhook your corselet, and let down your hair...and then you kissed me..."
"Ah, you do remember."
"But after we kissed... Nothing. Did we...?"
"No. You fell asleep."
"Oh. Me arm feels much better today. And I'm not a bit sleepy, now. Perhaps we can, er, remedy last night's, er, omission?"
"I think that might be possible.
Jack Sparrow and Esmeralda[src]
"He's an interesting man."
"A gross understatement, my dear. Jack is an absolutely fascinating man. You're unlikely to meet anyone else like him.
Amenirdis and Esmeralda on Jack Sparrow[src]
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