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"Mistress Ching, I see we have another gentleman and a young lady present. May I prevail upon you to provide an introduction?"
"Don Rafael, Doña Esmeralda, allow me to present to you, Jack Sparrow, Captain Teague's... protégé.
Jack Sparrow and Mistress Ching[src]

Don Rafael was a Spanish pirate captain who succeeded in becoming a Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. It is unknown exactly when he became a Pirate Lord, but it was before the late 1720s.


Early life[]

"My grandfather was good to the native population. He didn’t enslave them, he allowed them to work his fields for fair wages. And he let his son marry a native girl when they fell in love."
Esmeralda to Jack Sparrow[src]

Don Rafael was the Spanish landowner in the Spanish New World. He treated his Aztec neighbors well, and he even allowed his son to marry a local Aztec girl. That earned him hatred from the neighboring Spanish Dons. His Aztec daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl, whom her father named Esmeralda.

One day, during Don Rafael's absence, his estate was attacked and destroyed by his neighbors. His son and daughter-in-law, were killed. Rafael took his granddaughter Esmeralda with him, and became a pirate. He named his ship the Venganza, as a promise of vengeance on his traitorous countrymen. He became a Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, earning the respect of the whole Brethren Court.

Pirate Lord[]

"All the Pirate Lords speak well of him. He's held in great respect."
Jack Sparrow to Esmeralda[src]

Don Rafael didn't want Esmeralda to become a pirate like him, so he sent her to a convent school in Barcelona, Spain. He wanted her to become a fine lady, so she could serve at the Court of the King of Spain, but she escaped from the school and returned to him. He took her to Shipwreck Island, hoping that the exposure to pirate life will force her to return to Spain. But she liked the pirate life, and she stayed with him. She was fifteen years old when Don Rafael took her to his frigate, the Venganza, to learn some pirating.

At some point during his career, Don Rafael encountered his old friend, James, a pirate captain notorious for his bad temper, in the port of Oporto, Portugal. Before they parted their ways, James told him that he found a sailor whose ship was destroyed by a rogue pirate ship off the coast of India.

Meeting of the Brethren[]

Some time later, Don Rafael met Hector Barbossa, a pirate captain, in Tortuga. Barbossa's ship, Cobra, was destroyed two months earlier by another pirate ship. When he learned of such Code breaking, Don Rafael took Barbossa and his men to Shipwreck Cove, where Barbossa told the tale of his disaster to assembled pirate captains. It was during that meeting that Don Rafael met Jack Sparrow for the first time.

Two years later Don Rafael was shot in the back by one of the rogue pirates, Christophe-Julien de Rapièr. Esmeralda inherited Don Rafael's title and his ship, the Venganza. Three years later, Rafael's death was avenged by Jack Sparrow, who killed Christophe in a duel.

Behind the scenes[]


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