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Rambleshack was a very small island in the Caribbean Sea.[1] Sometime in the 1720s, the island came under attack by Jolly Roger, who leveled most of the very few structures on the island to rubble. The only two buildings that survived the siege were the small prison and a tavern owned by Doggerel Dan and a barmaid, presumed to be either his wife or daughter.

Jack Sparrow was once held in the prison, but lead an escape. Bo Beck was supposed to take Jack to Jolly Roger, but Jack bribed Bo not to.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, this is the place where the player awakes in the jail, and will begin his journey.
  • Originally, the island was referred to as "Bilgewater" and the player ended up at a tavern, where Doggerel Dan and his wife provided the tutorial. Now, that has been replaced by Will Turner showing up in a blacksmith shop instead. The initial tavern on the island is more likely to be canonical, as Will Turner was in Port Royal with Elizabeth Swann shortly before the time of their wedding.


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Notes and referencesEdit

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