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The Red Dragon was a two-masted pirate ship in the Caribbean in 1751.


It is unknown when the Red Dragon was built, but by 1751[1] she was one of the ships in the pirate fleet of Captain Hector Barbossa. One day the Dragon encountered the Silent Mary, a Spanish Royal Navy galleon that was transformed into a terrifying ghost ship during decades of imprisonment in the infamous Devil's Triangle. As the Spanish ship slowly approached the unsuspecting pirate vessel, one of the undead seagulls that always surrounded the Mary landed on the gunwale of the pirate ship, right in front of one pirate. At first, the pirate thought that he was hallucinating, seeing a rotten corpse of a bird that still moved like a living creature. However, the next moment he saw the Silent Mary on the horizon. As the Mary sailed right into the starboard side of the Dragon her bow opened like the jaws of a giant sea monster. Seemingly indestructible, the Spanish ship crushed the pirate ship, cutting her in half like a razor. All the pirates were killed except one who was spared to tell the tale of Salazar's return.[2]

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