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"Bring the basket! Strap him down."
―The redcoat to another soldier.[src]

This man was a soldier of the British Royal Navy stationed in the town of Saint Martin around 1751, during the Quest for the Trident of Poseidon. He was placed in charge of the town's guillotine during the executions of notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and so-called witch Carina Smyth, and witnessed the argument between the two. Just as they were about to be finally killed, the crew of the Dying Gull came to their rescue and destroyed the guillotine, prompting this soldier to join the ensuing fight.


Early life[]

At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a Royal marine and was part of the British Royal Navy forces stationed in the small town of Saint Martin.[1]

Execution of Captain Jack Sparrow[]

The soldier was present as the known pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and the supposed witch Carina Smyth were both to be executed, having been apprehended by the fearsome Lieutenant John Scarfield the night earlier. After Jack Sparrow accidentally ended up being sentenced to death by guillotine and Carina Smyth was to be executed by hanging, this soldier was atop the guillotine with an executioner and a few other Royal Marines. When Jack was brought atop the guillotine ready to be beheaded, this soldier ordered another man to fetch the basket in which the decapitated heads of prisoners who had been executed would be placed. The soldier put the basket in front of Jack's face, and Sparrow was scared by the two already decapitated heads inside the basket.[1]

After a brief argument between Smyth and Sparrow over who was to be killed first, which was soon silenced by Lieutenant Scarfield who determined that they both be killed simultaneously, the executioner prepared to kill Sparrow. However, just as Jack was about to die, the young sailor Henry Turner appeared, swinging into the executions on a rope from a bell tower. As several marines attacked Turner, this soldier remained atop the guillotine. With Henry captured, the soldiers present found his useless attempt to take on the British army alone amusing. But, it soon became clear that the young man was just a simple diversion; Jack's Motley crew of the Dying Gull appeared, and fired a cannon at the guillotine, destroying it and forcing all of the soldiers atop it to scramble for safety as the guillotine began spinning around.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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