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"Alas, though our governor is really a good man, he lacks strong will. A more forceful governor would make our colony feel safer, and our merchants might trade in more profitable conditions. Besides that our fort needs repair."
―Douwesen citizen[src]

Reynald Grueneveldt was the governor of Douwesen in the Caribbean in the 1630s.


At some point in the 17th century, Reynald was appointed governor of Douwesen island, the Dutch colony in the Caribbean.

In the 1630s, the English captain Nathaniel Hawk sought help from Governor Grueneveldt regarding a kidnapping case of three women in the colony. Grueneveldt tasked Nathaniel to find those responsible and bring the children of these women back to safety. Nathaniel was rewarded after defeating the band of animists which held them captive and bringing the children back to their mothers.

On another occasion, the governor rewarded Nathaniel for rescuing a kidnapped lady from the colony, Tanneken Oremans.

Personality and Appearance[]

"I don't understand why you don't take this more seriously. Isn't it your responsibility to provide for safety of the colony's citizens?"
"Captain, I'll forgive your criticism of me this once. Don't do it again if you want find favor in this office. As to those women...I can tell that you are a smart man, so, I will tell you something."
"I am all ears.
―Nathaniel Hawk and Grueneveldt discuss the Douwesen kidnapping[src]

For the citizens of Douwesen, Grueneveldt was a man of good nature, albeit lacking in will power. Governor Grueneveldt himself appears to be an aging politician who avoids unnecessary hostility. Although he did not hesitate to reward those who aided the colony in times of danger, such as Nathaniel Hawk, he preferred to not to involve himself directly with such matters.

Governor Grueneveldt was sometimes criticised for not repairing the colony's fort, leading to a lack of safety for traders.