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Robbie Kay (born September 13, 1995) is a British actor. He had appeared in several features in his young career, including Hannibal Rising, Fugitive Pieces, My Boy Jack, We Want Sex and Ways to Live Forever. Kay did have a speaking part for The Illusionist, but his scenes were cut from the film. He also portrayed the title role on television in a production of Pinocchio from Lux Vide Productions. He is most famous for his roles as Peter Pan in ABC's Once Upon a Time (which also featured Lee Arenberg) and Tommy Clark in NBC's Heroes Reborn. Robbie Kay portrayed the Cabin Boy in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


Early life[]

Robbie Kay was born in Lymington, Hampshire, England and moved to Brussels, Belgium at a young age. His mother Stephanie is from Newcastle upon Tyne while his father Ivan is from Peterborough. In 2006, Kay and his family moved to Prague in the Czech Republic, where he attended the International School of Prague.


Kay's family moved to the Czech Republic where he saw a note for English-speaking children to be extras in a film on a school noticeboard. Despite a lack of previous acting experience, this led to him getting a speaking part in The Illusionist, but his scenes were eventually cut from the film. After small roles in Hannibal Rising and My Boy Jack, a Canadian production company asked him to play the part of Young Jakob which involved a 9 week shooting schedule, three of which on Greek islands. The people who made Fugitive Pieces had auditioned over 150 boys before finding the then 10-year-old Robbie Kay who had been living in Prague for two years.

Robbie Kay spent a year studying, acting, singing and dancing at one of Britain's Stagecoach theatre schools. He appeared in a miniseries adaptation of Pinocchio, playing the puppet boy himself. After finishing Pinocchio he went on to play Sam in Ways To Live Forever screening in late 2010–11 time.

Pirates of the Caribbean[]

After several auditions in London, 15-year-old Robbie Kay portrayed the Cabin Boy in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In a segment of Disney Movie Surfers for On Stranger Tides, Robbie Kay was interviewed about being the Cabin Boy, though was credited as "Kid Pirate". The character was also known to be the "first kid pirate to sail with Captain Jack" and the "youngest pirate on Captain Jack's crew".[1]


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