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The bank during its opening

"I've got it - I'm robbing the bank!"
Jack Sparrow on the bank[src]

The Royal Bank of Saint Martin was a bank in the town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name during the early 1750s. The entire bank was stolen by Jack Sparrow and his Motley crew during its opening.


In 1751, the Royal Bank of Saint Martin was opened by Mayor Dix and Bank manager Krill. Many people of Saint Martin were gathered round the bank as it was prepared to be opened; including the crew of the Dying Gull, who had attached several horses to the large one-ton vault inside it and planned to use the horses to pull the vault through the wall of the bank and back to their ship. With Mayor Dix and everyone else present unbeknownst to all of this, the opening of the bank continued. However, when Krill opened the vault inside the bank for the people of Saint Martin to see, they instead saw the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow sleeping inside along with the Mayor's wife, Frances. A squad of British Royal Navy marines arrived on the scene to execute the pirate after a woman alerted identified Sparrow as a pirate. But, shortly after the British commander ordered his marines to fire on Jack, the Dying Gull crew began their attempt to steal the vault. However, with the immense weight of the vault, the entire bank ended up being pulled across Saint Martin.

Robbing the bank.

Jack Sparrow managed to climb back atop the bank and onto a balcony as the massive building was pulled through the streets of Saint Martin. Many of the gold and valuables inside the vault came spilling out onto the street, much to the delight of the civilians that happened to be nearby. But, unfortunately for the crew, they soon neared a bridge. The bank, obviously unable to fit underneath the bridge, crashed into it and was ripped into dozens of pieces, leaving the pirates with only the vault which would soon turn out to be empty.[1]


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