Ruddy Rose
Ruddy Rose
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Destroyed in the Devil's Triangle

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Dutch barque


Several cannons


Battle in the Devil's Triangle


Dutch merchant navy (formerly)

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales



"It's a Dutch barque. Probably stolen by the pirate Bonnet."
Henry Turner[src]

The Ruddy Rose was a Dutch barque that was stolen by the pirate Bonnet in 1751. While being chased by the British Royal Navy, she sailed into the mysterious waters of the Devil's Triangle where she was destroyed by the crew of ghosts led by Armando Salazar.

History Edit

"She's going in, sir."
"Chase her down.
Officer Cole and Captain Toms[src]

It is unknown when the Ruddy Rose was built, but she originally served as a Dutch merchant vessel. However, by 1751 the ship was stolen by the infamous pirate Bonnet. The theft was eventually discovered by the British Royal Navy, and the warship Monarch was sent to chase the pirates across the Caribbean Sea. In an attempt to escape, the Rose sailed into the mysterious uncharted waters of the Devil's Triangle, a place surrounded with gigantic reefs and covered in eternal darkness. During the chase the Rose was flying the black pirate flag, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. When she entered the Triangle, the Rose was attacked by the ghosts of the Spanish sailors whose ship, the Silent Mary, was destroyed decades earlier in the same waters. The undead pirate hunters quickly slaughtered the entire pirate crew, and the Rose sank to the bottom of the sea, leaving only a few floating debris and the pirate flag on the surface.[1]

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