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Jack Sparrow with an empty bottle of rum.

"Yes, the rum is gone."
"Why is the rum gone?"
"One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Two, that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire Royal Navy is out looking for me. Do you really think that there is even the slightest chance that they won't see it?"
"But why is the rum gone?
Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow[src]

Rum was a molasses-based, distilled alcoholic beverage largely produced in the Caribbean. Rum was the preferred alcoholic drink of pirates, particularly favored by Captain Jack Sparrow.


Old Bill enjoys his rum

"This rum is half gone. WHY is the rum gone? I will TELL you why the rum is gone. This half-empty cask, which as of last night was full of rum bound for England, rum entrusted to this vessel to be carried in her hold until we reach our destination, rum intended to be sold to the taverns and cellars of England, to slake English thirsts is gone because several members of this crew that stands before me, this same crew of misbegotten scurvy sea dogs, crept down into the hold and GUZZLED it!"
―Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Fair Wind[src]

The association of rum with the British Royal Navy began in 1655 when the English fleet captured the island of Jamaica. With the availability of domestically produced rum, the British changed the daily ration of liquor given to seamen from French brandy to rum. While the ration was originally given neat, or mixed with lime juice, the practice of watering down the rum began around 1740. To help minimize the effect of the alcohol on his sailors, Admiral Edward Vernon directed that the rum ration be watered down before being issued, a mixture which became known as grog.

English privateers were known to trade rum as it was a valuable commodity, and this fondness remained with such privateers as became pirates and buccaneers. Captain Jack Sparrow was known to be greatly fond of rum, even to a point where his compass—which pointed to the thing its user wanted most in the world—would indicate nearby bottles of rum during voyages.

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