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The Interceptor flies the British colors, even though the ship was crewed by pirates.

"I told me men to run up a Frenchy ensign, in honor of our rich cargo. And the stranger, he did the same—showed Dutch colors. Finally, not too long afore sunset, we came within long gun range of each other. I’d been studyin’ him through me spyglass, and I had me suspicions. The ship was a sloop, Bermuda-rigged, common vessel, especially in these parts. I caught a few glimpses of the crew, and even at that distance they didn’t seem as though they were wearin’ the right clothin’ for merchantmen. So I orders me crew to run up me black flag. The moment we raised our true colors, that sloop, he run up his flag, too. A red flag, with a black demon skull on it. ’Twas then I knew for certain that he was another pirate."
Hector Barbossa[src]

Sailing under false colors was a ruse de guerre used by pirates and the European navies to deceive an enemy on the open sea. For the ships of the regular navies sailing under false colors was a legitimate war tactic, as long as the decoy flag was replaced at the last moment with the ship's true ensign.


When Hector Barbossa's pirate schooner, the Cobra, encountered the sloop Koldunya in the waters north of Bermuda, the pirates raised the French flag, to which the crew of the other vessel responded by raising Dutch colors. When the pirates raised their true colors, the black flag with the white skull and crossed swords, the other crew raised their own piratical symbol, the red flag with a black demon skull. Barbossa's crew saluted the other pirate crew, but the crew of the Koldunya opened fire on the Cobra, starting a battle which resulted in the sinking of Barbossa's ship.[1]


Notes and references[]

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