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"Jack Sparrow. He's dead. Buried in an unmarked grave on the island of Saint Martin."
Old pirate to Henry Turner[src]

Saint Martin was an island in the Caribbean. It was affiliated with the British Empire which maintained a base there under the command of Lieutenant John Scarfield. Henry Turner made his way there after he escaped the destruction of the Monarch. Jack Sparrow's boat the Dying Gull was also beached there.


Saint Martin was an island in the Lesser Antilles ruled by the British Empire. The town of Saint Martin served as the main settlement on the island, housing the British military outpost and the seat of the civilian authorities.[2]

By 1751,[3] Saint Martin was a prosperous port, but most of its inhabitants were sailors, drunkards and only a handful of elite.[4] It was also constantly threatened by pirates. Most notably, Jack Sparrow was arrested in this city after he and his crew tried but failed to rob a bank.

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