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The prison.

"There is a girl inside this prison who holds the map, Jack."
Henry Turner to Jack Sparrow[src]

Saint Martin prison was the jail located in the town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name. It was commonly used to hold captured pirates and other outlaws prior to their execution.


Henry meets Jack Sparrow in the prison.

By 1751, the sea witch Shansa was apprehended by the British Royal Navy forces stationed at Saint Martin, and was placed in a special sanctuary in the Saint Martin prison. Pirates would bribe the Jail Guard stationed outside Shansa's cell in order to visit the sea witch, likely unbeknownst to Lieutenant John Scarfield and the other officers stationed in the town. The astronomer Carina Smyth would soon also be captured by the authorities and imprisoned here, having been falsely accused of being a witch. However, just as a Confessional Priest was asking Smyth if she wanted to confess anything before dying, she managed to pick the lock of her cell door and burst it open, knocking out the priest in the process, and escaping from the prison.[1]

Jack and Jack Sparrow talk in the prison..

The notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow would soon be captured and imprisoned by Mayor Dix in this building. The young sailor Henry Turner would sneak into the prison disguised as a Royal Marine, where he met up with Sparrow. Henry offered to get him out of the prison if he helped him save his father as well telling Jack about the resurrected Armando Salazar coming for him.

The next morning, Jack would be dragged out of the prison by Marines and would briefly meet up with another prisoner who happened to be his uncle, also called Jack.[1]

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