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"The Santiago. Famously captained by Ponce de León."
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Santiago was a vessel most notably captained by the famous conquistador Juan Ponce de León. Originally sent to discover the marvels of the New World, it was known to have been used when Ponce de León discovered Florida as well as the various expeditions to the legendary Fountain of Youth. All of its journeys were documented within a logbook, which later fell into the hands of one of the crewmen. According to legend, the Santiago disappeared along with its captain because of an ancient storm, in which the ship was stranded on an island.


Voyage to the New World[]

"...Ponce de León."
"Says he found Ponce de León's ship."
"Or sailed on it.
Castaway, Captain and Fisherman[src]

The Santiago in the Mao Kun Map.

Sometime during the 16th century, the Santiago was sent to discover the marvels of the New World. According to legends, the captain of the Santiago, Juan Ponce de León, discovered the Fountain of Youth in 1523. It was said that the Santiago had been missing ever since the journey began. However, according to legends, the Santiago had been stranded inland by an ancient storm, hidden away on unchartered lands, sitting atop of rocks on the edge of a cliff.[2]

At some point before the Santiago's disappearance, it was painted onto the Mao Kun Map, which showed the route that the Santiago took during the voyage towards the Fountain.[3] An old castaway would have the log of the Santiago, which contained information from the voyage, in his possession.[4]

Jack Sparrow finding the Santiago.


"What I want first...is Ponce de León's ship."
Jack Sparrow[src]

Over the next two centuries, the Santiago became the subject of many stories, and many schemes of ruthless men.[2] In his attempt to find the Fountain of Youth, Captain Jack Sparrow found the location of the Santiago. However, as he was more interested in finding the Fountain itself, he never made it up to the wreck itself. The ship's log of the Santiago was given to King Ferdinand of Spain by an old sailor who sailed with Ponce de León. This discovery triggered the quest for the Fountain of Youth.[5]

Jack and Hector Barbossa aboard the Santiago.

One of the treasure chests of the wrecked Santiago held the most valuable prize in Ponce de León's coffers: the silver Chalices of Cartagena.[4] During the quest, the Chalices were most sought after as they were needed for the Profane Ritual. Ferdinand's most trusted agent, the Spaniard, would have led his crew to the Santiago and retrieved the Chalices. Hector Barbossa would arrive to the Santiago to lie in wait for Blackbeard, who wanted the Chalices as well. However, Blackbeard sent Jack Sparrow, who was forced to help him find the Fountain of Youth, to find the Chalices aboard the Santiago.[5]

Jack and Barbossa aboard the Santiago.

Once Jack entered the wreck, he spotted Ponce de León's skeletal corpse on the Santiago's bed. He also had a brief reunion with Barbossa in which they briefly fought before the ship started to tilt. Jack and Barbossa also worked together in retrieving the chest that supposedly contained the Chalices, but were too late as they found rocks inside the chest instead. Knowing that the Spanish have retrieved the Chalices, they jumped on the ship's bed and had a look at the map to find the Spanish camp. Jack and Barbossa left the Santiago to find the Chalices. The fate of the ship is unknown.

Design and appearance[]

"If forty pirates dreamt forty nights of treasure, it would not match the contents of this room."
Hector Barbossa to Jack Sparrow[src]

The captain's quarters of the Santiago.

As a Spanish vessel, the Santiago was a seaworthy caravel most reputable in discovering the marvels of the New World. Now that it was wrecked, after nearly 200 years of its rotting timbers exposed to the sun and wind, the Santiago was a dank, insect-ridden ruin where creepers and cobwebs intertwine with discarded weapons and bleached human bones. While wrecked on a cliff, any movement would tilt the ship uncontrollably. Resplendent treasures lie in wait for anyone brave enough to set foot in this shadowy wreck.[2] One of the treasure chests of the wrecked Santiago held the most valuable prize in Ponce de León's coffers: the silver Chalices of Cartagena.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Santiago concept art


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