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"Sao Feng, I request that one of your pirates come aboard my ship for the journey between here and Hong Kong, to ensure that you do not attempt to fool us again."
Jack Sparrow[src]

Sao Feng's Empire was a criminal organization run by the Pirate Lord Sao Feng and headquartered at his bath house in Singapore. Sao Feng had well-trained warriors and a fleet of ships at his disposal,[5] which included his twin companions Lian and Park, his lieutenant Tai Huang, and his majestic flagship the Empress.[2] He also had a network of spies and whisperers that would pass word of any new arrivals in Singapore back to their master.[4] All those loyal to Sao Feng were required to wear the tattoo of the dragon.[6] It is unknown what happened to this organization following Sao Feng's death, other than it was inherited by Elizabeth Swann, to whom Sao Feng passed down the title of Pirate Lord along with command of the Empress.[2]

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