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"You are here to meet Sao Feng?"
"If the good pirate lord be not otherwise engaged."
"He will see you... at the Bath House. But be very, very careful going there... this is after all... Singapore.
―A Chinese pirate and Hector Barbossa[src] (PSP version)

This bathhouse was located in Singapore and owned by Captain Sao Feng.


Sao Feng's bathhouse

Sao Feng during the meeting with Barbossa.

The bath house hosted the discussions between famous Hector Barbossa and Sao Feng regarding Feng's navigational charts. Barbossa needed the charts to venture through the weird and haunted shores at World's End and from there retrieve Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. But Sao Feng saw this plea as a deception, and ordered the clients within the bathhouse to draw their swords. At that moment, soldiers of the East India Trading Company led by Ian Mercer burst in. A battle ensued, in which many, like Park, where killed. Sao Feng, Barbossa and their followers were forced to flee the bath house and into the streets of Singapore, where the battle continued.[1]


From the outside, the bath house appeared dilapidated and decrepit, though inside served as a place of luxurious relaxation for Sao Feng's followers, as well as operating as the Pirate Lord's headquarters and private meeting place.[2]


Sao Feng with Lian and Park during meeting with Barbossa.

The bath house was situated deep within the shadowy backwaters of Singapore.[3] It contained a front entrance guarded by Tai Huang and his men,[1] though the sewer system was also employed as a secret underground hideaway,[4] and led into the bath house via its lower-level boiler room.[1] This chamber was filled with advanced machinery, with an array of bellows, boilers and bamboo pipes servicing the main chamber directly above. The boiler room workers were employed to ensure a constant supply of both hot water and steam, creating a misty, humid atmosphere above that was known to help sooth Sao Feng's tensions.[2]

The main room, serving as Sao Feng's audience chamber almost as an emperor's court, was filled with candles and incense burners,[4] and was dominated by large baths on which fungi sprouted under the humid conditions. Even the bathers, leaving their tubs only to draw swords on unwanted visitors, became hosts of free-growing mushrooms.[2]



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