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Sarah was the fiancée of Gentleman Jocard during the raid on King Samuel's fortress. She said she had been there a lot so that she could lead them into the fort. While they were on the way to the fort Jean Magliore accidentally ate berries that gave him visions of the future, she ran over to help him but it was too late. When they got to Samuel's fortress, Sarah went ahead of the others and when they caught up with her, Samuel had a knife to her neck and told them to drop their weapons. They dropped their weapons but then saw that Sarah was on Samuel's side because she was his sister, and they were surrounded and getting their hands tied behind their backs. Luckily, Catastrophe Shane came bursting in riding a zebra. As he distracted Samuel and his men, Jack's grandmama came up behind Jocard and the crew, and cut their bonds. Then they picked up their weapons and started to battle. After the battle was over, Sarah was caught and taken by Jocard. The rest of Sarah's future is unknown.


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