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Bootstrap Bill Turner was called a scallywag by his former captain Jack Sparrow on one occasion.

"Will, lead her back to the ship! I'll keep these scallywags at bay with the point of me blade."
"We can but humbly surrender to your dashing bravery and superior swordmanship."
"Well, then. That certainly makes things easier.
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

Scalawag, also spelled scallywag, was a term used to describe a disreputable person.


Jack Sparrow called the crew of the Barnacle scallywags on one occasion.[1] When Will Turner claimed his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, was an honest merchant sailor and not a pirate, Jack Sparrow replied that Bill was a bloody pirate and a scalawag.[2] Anamaria once called Jack a scallywag.[3] Carina Smyth called Hector Barbossa's pirates scalawags during the race to the Black rock island.[4]

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