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"Could that be the Dutchman?"
"That wreck? Unlikely. Times may have turned tough for old Davy, but he won't be run afoul of any shoals. And it's too small. The real
Flying Dutchman is much...bigger, in a frightening, slime-covered, monstrous sort of way."
Will Turner and Jack Sparrow[src] (PS3 version)

This ship was a vessel attacked and split in two by the Kraken for unknown reasons.


One day while sailing through the ocean, this ship would suddenly come under attack from the mythical Kraken. Most of its crew were killed, and the ship was split in half. Jack Sparrow told Will Turner that this ship was the Flying Dutchman, though it transpired that the real Dutchman surfaced next to the wreck while Will was on board. On board the ship, Will encountered the crew in various conditions. There was a crew member manning some rigging, one hid behind a cargo net and another hung from the rigging, apparently dead. Another crew member was spouted onto the deck, only for Will to find that his face had been sucked off by the Kraken's suckers. The traumatized crew member manning the rigging implied that the Kraken was underneath the ship as they spoke, keeping the wreckage afloat for Davy Jones to have his pick of the survivors.

The ship lies broken on the reefs.

The ship's crew were soon attacked by the Dutchman's crew along with Will. They were then faced Davy Jones to be recruited onto the Dutchman. The ship's chaplain was killed by Davy Jones' crew, because he told them not to listen to Davy, while others were recruited along with Turner (who never actually swore an oath). What happened to the wreck of this vessel afterwards is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]

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