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A sea beast attacking the Barnacle.

"No! The Kraken is much larger, has tentacles, and smells of death... This is something different!"
"But it looks... and smells... no less dangerous.
Tumen and Jack Sparrow[src]

Sea beasts were monsters in the employ of the Sirens. One that attacked the Barnacle to prevent them from reaching Isla Sirena, had an appearance of a fish-like head with a body of gigantic serpentine. However, the sea beast failed and Jack Sparrow killed it. Later when Billy Turner was sailing aboard the La Fleur de la Mort, the crew encountered one of these Sea Beasts. Billy Turner tried to kill it but Arabella Smith pointed out that its heart was in its jaw. Billy Turner had a hard time getting the jaw but he ended up saving the ship and its crew.

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