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This article covers content from an electronic game which is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and yet may also contain some inconsistencies and contradictions to established canon.

"I travelled to another world, an' now you will do the same… Take these words for the journey. If you read them right, them whisper what has been – and what is yet to be. Whispers to help you save a pirate's life… Now make sail! The door is open. The prisoner is waiting. And our time is tricklin' away…"
The Castaway[src]

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is a an expansion of Sea of Thieves, an action-adventure free-roaming pirate video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The free expansion, based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was released on June 22, 2021.


The story sees players rescuing and recruiting Captain Jack Sparrow to aide in protecting the Sea of Thieves from Davy Jones, Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Along the way, players will encounter familiar locations and faces from Pirates of the Caribbean such as Isla Tesoro, and Joshamee Gibbs, the longtime comrade and First Mate of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Besides Davy Jones, new enemy types are being introduced through A Pirate's Life and into the overall world of the Sea of Thieves: the swarming Sirens, darting Phantoms, and brutish Ocean Crawlers.


Jack with chart
"The world's still the same. There's just...less in it."
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Stealing the Golden Key[]

"Far in a world past the horizon, a treasure beyond value lay in the clutches of Davy Jones. When witty Jack Sparrow heard tell of this treasure, it became his heart's desire..."
The Castaway[src] ([2])

Following the quest for the Trident of Poseidon, Captain Jack Sparrow found himself longing for new escapades.[3] He and his crew of the restored Black Pearl—including Joshamee Gibbs, Anamaria, and Scrum[4]—sailed to Tortuga to discover any information that would lead to a new adventure. Jack himself happened upon a hovel where he learned of the Golden Key, "a glittering trinket that could carry entire ships to other realms."[5] However, he also learned that the Golden Key was in the possession of Davy Jones, who was hiding in an ocean fortress. Jack surmised that Will Turner's curse being lifted—resulting in the Flying Dutchman not having a captain—resurrected Jones to fill the vacancy. Jack hid the information from his crew, set a course for Jones's fortress, and planned to sneak inside and steal the Key from under his nose.[6]

Jack Golden Key

Jack holds the Golden Key.

As soon as Jones's fortress came into view, fearing the worst, most of the Black Pearl's crew abandoned ship. Gibbs, Anamaria, and Scrum were the only ones that stayed. Jack used Calypso's locket, previously recovered by Ragetti, to sneak into Jones's locked fortress, board the Flying Dutchman, and enter Jones's cabin.[4] He swiped the Golden Key, returned to the Pearl, and the barebones crew sailed away.[7]

Reaching the Sea of Thieves[]

"When him precious treasure stolen, Davy Jones chased the Black Pearl to distant seas. There a battle raged. The Pearl, she was dealt a mortal blow. Her captain felled by the darkness of Davy Jones. The crew, lost of hope and lost to sea...but lost where?"
The Castaway[src] ([2])

The crew believed they had gotten away with the theft until the Flying Dutchman rose from the sea, cannons ablaze. With such a small crew, Jack did not feel confident in fighting the Dutchman. He used the Golden Key to cross between worlds and the Black Pearl arrived in the Sea of Thieves.[7] The Dutchman followed in their wake and the two ships entered combat,[2] during which Jack was killed in a broadside.[8] Those who die on the Sea of Thieves are sent to the Sea of the Damned; most arrive on the Ferry of the Damned, captained by the Ferryman, and are allowed to return to the land of the living unless they violated the Pirate's Code. Jack's death brought him and the Golden Key to the Ferry, but the Ferryman locked Jack in the Ferry's brig to prevent Jones from finding the Golden Key.[8]

The Black Pearl was sunk in the battle at Sea of Thieves coordinate C-19. She fell into the Siren Citadel, an underwater fortress controlled by the Siren Queen.[2] Davy Jones made the Siren Queen an offer:[9] she could take the Pearl apart, convert its remaining living crew into Cursed Mermaid Statues,[2] and integrate Jones's song of sorrow into their own siren song.[10][11] In exchange, Jones would have access to the Siren Queen's Ocean Crawlers[11] and the Sirens would create structures out of coral for him[9] (Jones incorrectly[11] believed that he still could not set foot on land in the Sea of Thieves[9] as per his duty to Calypso).[citation needed] To prove his power and court the Sirens' loyalty, he demonstrated the ability to summon the Sea of Thieves' Kraken,[10] which the Siren Queen regarded as her "daughter". The Siren Queen agreed as she was still at war with the merfolk and pirates in the Sea of Thieves due to her own past, while Jones aimed to reclaim the Golden Key to turn the Sea of Thieves into his new Locker.[2]

Escaping the Ferry[]

"The selfish actions of this... Sparrow... have brought catastrophe in his wake. Dire fortune that now threatens to consume the Sea of Thieves itself!"
"That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, mate! And I think you may be overreacting just a smidge.
―The Ferryman and Jack Sparrow[src] ([8])

The use of the Golden Key alerted Calypso.[11] She followed the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman into the Sea of Thieves, fearing for the fate of this new world should Davy Jones succeed in his plans.[10] Her travel to another and unfamiliar world temporarily took Calypso's strength out of her,[11] forcing her to channel her Tia Dalma persona[10] and masquerade as a simple Castaway. She set up camp at every Outpost on the Sea of Thieves, seeking out "them who want to know the truth".[12]

The Sunken Pearl[]

"...my greatest prize - a royal gift from Davy Jones himself! Another ship from the world above, soon to be drawn inside the walls of my citadel and consumed. Piece... by... piece."
―Siren Queen[src] ([2])

Captains of the Damned[]

"It was pirates like this that helped me when I lost my crew; and my hope along with them. They reminded me that our Sea of Thieves a special place. A place where you can be a pirate and a good man."
―Sir Arthur Pendragon[src] ([13])

The Coral Fortress[]

"Jones assumes I'm dead and lost for all eternity adrift on an ocean of forsaken souls, so he hasn't bothered to change the locks. Frankly, I find that rather insulting."
Jack Sparrow[src] ([10])

The pirates defeated the Kraken and freed Joshamee Gibbs, Anamaria, and Scrum.[10]

Battle at the Spire[]

"When I first came here, all that mattered was escaping Jones' wrath. Never occurred to me that this might be a place worth running towards."
―Jack Sparrow[src] ([11])


With the Black Pearl restored and Jones defeated, Sparrow and his crew returned to their own world.[11]






  • Sea of Thieves (First appearance)
    • Island
      • Castaway's Camp (First appearance)
    • Tunnel of the Damned (First appearance)
    • Coral Fortress (First appearance)
      • Chamber of Sorrow (First appearance)
    • Sunken Kingdom (First appearance)
      • Siren Shrine (First appearance)
      • Siren Citadel (First appearance)
      • Spire (First appearance)
  • Sea of the Damned (First appearance)
  • Fountain of Youth (Mentioned only)

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