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"I can divert perhaps a hundred of the EITC defensive troops from Calabar and the other nearby slaving ports. And of course I can use the EITC defensive warship, the brig Sentinel, to add to the firepower of the merchant ships I divert for this project."
Cutler Beckett[src]

The Sentinel was a brig in the service of the East India Trading Company. She was the EITC's patrol and defensive vessel for West Africa.


"The Sentinel's got a good cook."
Corporal Andrews to Jack Sparrow[src]
When the EITC merchant captain Jack Sparrow liberated a cargo of slaves on the island of Kerma, five EITC ships were sent by Cutler Beckett to find him and his ship, the Wicked Wench. The Wench was captured and Jack was taken into custody onboard the Sentinel. He was transported to Calabar, and thrown into a prison for several months.

A few months later, Jack was brought back onboard the Sentinel, which opened fire on Jack's ship, the Wicked Wench, on Beckett's orders.



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