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Serpiente de Muerta
Serpiente de Muerta
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Weapon(s) owned

Blue Fire


Isla de Muerta

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Last appearance

The Legend of Jack Sparrow


Killed by Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann


The Serpiente de Muerta was a giant sea serpent that lived on Isla de Muerta. It was different than most sea serpents, because it was blue and had lots of fish-like fins, even a sort of fin mane on its neck. It was also more dangerous because it appeared to be intelligent and it breathed blue fire.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Because the Serpiente de Muerta appeared in The Legend of Jack Sparrow, it is unknown if the serpent actually inhabited Isla de Muerta or if such a creature ever existed.
  • Serpiente de Muerta means "snake of death" in Spanish.


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