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"As you know, I am Shabako, brother to Princess Amenirdis. She has told me of your search for me, how everyone present worked together to plan my rescue. You traveled far, you searched for weeks, you located me, then you risked much to free me. Each of you has demonstrated notable wit and courage."
―Shabako to Jack Sparrow, Robert Greene, and Chamba[src]

Shabako was a prince from the mythical island of Kerma. A son of Pharaoh Taharka and Queen Tiyy, he was the official heir to the throne of Zerzura. After his father disappeared while searching for a cure for his ill son, Shabako's brother Aniba, Shabako himself left the island in an attempt to find his father. But he was captured by slave hunters, and he was sold as a slave and taken to the island of New Avalon in the Bahamas. His older sister, Ameniridis, to whom he was very close with, also left the island to find him. She used Jack Sparrow's compass to find him working as water carrier on St. John Fenwick's sugar plantation. Jack Sparrow disguised as Frederick Penwallow, and he, Tarek, and Chamba entered the plantation, claiming to just be admiring the lovely place. Chamba then pretended to faint from heat exhaustion. Jack ordered Tarek and Shabako, who was working near by, to take Chamba into the shade. Hidden from the other plantation owners, Chamba and Shabako traded places. Tarek and Shabako escaped the plantation to the Wicked Wench, where he was reunited with his sister. When the Wench arrived to Kerma, Shabako was crowned the next pharaoh.

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