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"You see, I have an army. The strongest army any man has ever seen. I call it my Shadow Army. If you have any doubt of this army's power, you should pay a visit to a certain town along the Caribbean coast in Panama. Then you will know how much power I have over my fingertips."
―The Shadow Lord[src]

The Shadow Army was a supernatural army created by Henry Morgan, the Shadow Lord. The Army was composed of all kinds of unliving objects which were turned into living creatures by Morgan. The Army was controlled by Morgan's magic, though he had some problems with them. In their first mission, in which a city in Panama was destroyed, the Shadow army destroyed his ship to find the material to make more shadow creatures. During Morgan's conquest, the shadow creatures were supposed to destroy the Brethren Court on the Day of the Shadow, but they ultimately failed because their master was defeated by Captain Jack Sparrow.

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