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"If you want to live, you must find all seven vials of Shadow Gold."
"That should be easy enough.
Tia Dalma and Jack Sparrow[src]

Shadow Gold was a mystical substance, a mixture of liquid gold and orichalcum, made by Captain Henry Morgan after he became an alchemist known as the Shadow Lord.


"If we can find Sri Sumbhajee's base before he knows we're there, then we attack with the element of surprise. I say we go in with guns a-blazing and swords held high and demand that he hand over his vial of Shadow Gold."
Hector Barbossa[src]

Some time after making the world believe that he was dead, the infamous pirate captain Henry Morgan began to study alchemy. Eventually becoming known as the Shadow Lord, he devised a way to live forever. But that wasn't enough for him, because he wanted to exact revenge on his former colleagues, the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court.

After years of hard work, Morgan finally made a mixture of liquid gold and orichalcum, a substance he named the Shadow Gold. However, all the seven vials of the Shadow Gold were stolen by Tia Dalma's zombie, Alex, who scattered them around the world, giving them to almost all the Pirate Lords who were active on the Seven Seas at the time.