"She lives on a hidden island, uncharted by map. But Jack found her with his compass."
Joshamee Gibbs[src]

Shansa's Cave was a mysterious cave located on a hidden island that no map could find. It is known that the cave was inhabited by the remarkable witch, Shansa, during the War Against Piracy before she was arrested.

History Edit

The story of how Shansa came to this place is surrounded in mystery, however it is known that during the War Against Piracy she inhabited this place and used to steal the memories of the infamous pirates like Jack Sparrow or Will Turner and kept them in some rock putting them in the form of Ships in Bottles. She also protected the island with magic so no one was able to find it. It is also known that the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow and his companion Joshamee Gibbs, at some point during the war, were in search of the legendary Jewel of Atlantis. They came to Shansa's cave, although the island could not be found with any map, the captain could use his well-known compass, but when he arrived there, the witch stole his memories. When they returned, Jack could not remember who he was.

After that event, Gibbs asked for help in his fortress an unknown pirate, to recover the memories. Although the pirate refused at first, not seeing a benefit for him, Gibbs convinced him by saying that if he released Jack's memories he could use the Black Pearl. The pirate went to the island and although the witch tried it saying that with the power of the Jewels, the EITC would be to one side,

But the pirate insisted and the witch explained that the only way to do that was to relive the memories, which he did. The pirate would return at least two more times, releasing the bottles of the Flying Dutchman (Will Turner) and the Queen Anne's Revenge (Hector Barbossa) with the memories of their respective captains.

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