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"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"I'm going down to the dungeons to see Christophe. I want to hear his side of things."
"Do you think they'll let you see him?"
"They let Barbossa in to see Borya. Teague's men serve as the guards down there. They know me.
Jack Sparrow and Esmeralda[src]

Beneath the pirate utopia Shipwreck City, lies a sprawling labyrinth of dungeons. It was here that unruly pirates were locked up after breaking the Pirate Code. The dark caverns the dungeons were placed in seemed to be as old as the city itself. Large guards were kept on watch over the captives at all times. There were several secret entrances to the dungeons. Boris Palachnik and Christophe-Julien de Rapièr were briefly imprisoned in the dungeons before Jack Sparrow unwittingly set them free.