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"Heh-heh-heh.Bak ne bulduk bey! Bak ne bulduk biz. Hey! Bak ben şapka buldum kaptan gibin oldum ne sandın ha?"
"Φέρτο δα! Φέρτο δα μεν σε πισκαλίω! Fetora? Ne fetorası? Benimdir. Benimdir bana geri ver, huh? Α, μάγκας τωρά εγιώ!
―Short sailor and Large sailor[src]

This man was a sailor. He pulled Jack Sparrow's tricorne from the water and, after looking at it puzzedly, tried it on. His colleague then stole the hat, and tried it on himself. Soon after, some loud sounds were heard. Frightened, this man's colleague thrust the hat to this sailor, who pushed it back into the man's hands. This went on for a short time, until wood was heard splintering. They stopped, petrified, and the boat was then suddenly destroyed by the Kraken.


This sailor was stationed aboard a fishing boat near a Turkish Prison where notorious pirate Jack Sparrow was imprisoned. He was stationed aboard the fishing boat along with a Large sailor and a sleeping sailor.

One day, while the ship was near the Turkish prison, the sailor picked up Captain Jack's hat which was drifting in the sea. His colleague stole the hat, and they soon started fighting over the tricorne hat, but later started trying to dispose of it when they heard a noise and the whole ship shook. Suddenly, something grabbed the ship, pulling it, and all three sailors, underwater to their doom.

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