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"Cannot say about Jack Sparrow. But there's an island, just south of the straits, where I trade spice for…delicious long pork. Cannot say about Jack, but you'll find a ship there. A ship with black sails."
―Shrimper to William Turner[src]

This man was a shrimper. He met William Turner Jr. during his search for Jack Sparrow, shortly after Lord Cutler Beckett's occupation of Port Royal. This shrimper operated around the island of Tortuga, though he also claimed to trade spice for "long pork" (a euphemism for human flesh) on an island just south of the straits.


This man resided in Tortuga, and was working as a shrimper around 1729, the time of the East India Trading Company Armada's occupation of Port Royal under Lord Cutler Beckett. He knew of the Pelegosto tribe and their island, and occasionally traded spices for "Long Pork", which was actually cannibalised human flesh. Whether or not he was aware of this was unclear. He also knew of famous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship, the Black Pearl. While at the Pelegosto island, he noticed a ship beached at the bay, which he could identify as the Pearl.

Shortly after seeing the ship, he was approached by William Turner Junior, who informed him that he was searching for Jack Sparrow. The shrimper told Turner of the island and its long pork, and that he had seen Jack's ship there. The shrimper agreed to take him there in his ship, but had his brother row Turner to shore in a longboat. His further fate remains unknown.

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