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"The captain, the notorious Left-Foot Louis, swiftly slew his fearsome boatswain, quickly lopped off his foot, and had it expertly reapplied to his own leg by the ship's cook, the equally notorious pirate Silver, who, having recently sailed the high seas with a certain doctor, had henceforth become skilled in the art of limb-replacement surgery. Only after said surgery was it evident that Louis, in his panic to get his appendage back, severed the wrong foot."
Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Barnacle[src]

Silver was a notorious pirate who served as a cook under the command of Captain Left-Foot Louis.


"Upon discovering the error Silver had made, Louis quickly had the cook-cum surgeon-cum-pirate tossed overboard."
Jack Sparrow to the crew of the Barnacle[src]

Prior to serving aboard Louis' ship, the Cutlass, Silver was known to have sailed with a doctor, and became proficient in the art of limb-replacement surgery. According to legend, after Louis lost his right foot in battle, Silver carried out impromptu surgery to attach the foot of the boatswain to Louis' leg. Unfortunately for both Louis and Silver, the captain had chopped off the boatswain's left foot. Realizing his surgery had been botched, Louis had Silver thrown overboard. However, Silver had, at one point, gained the protection of the Sirens, who attacked Louis and fused the left foot to his leg forever.

Some, such as Arabella Smith, claimed that this story was a myth, and that Louis' two left feet was simply an accident of birth, raising doubt on Silver's role in Louis' life.

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