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"Please, invite our guests over."
"Would be nothin' but my pleasure, Captain.
Laura Smith and Silverback[src]

Silverback was a pirate. He had a peg leg and a tooth that were made of crystal which he used to do magic. Unlike many pirates, Silverback both dressed and spoke like a gentleman. Using magic, Silverback was able to move people and objects, as well as read minds.


Not much was known about Silverback's early life. When Tim Hawk was still young, Silverback stole the Silver bullet from Tim's family and burned their house, killing Tim's parents.

Later on, he joined Captain Laura Smith's crew aboard La Fleur de la Mort. He was later joined by Left-Foot Louis. Together, they became the ring leaders of a mutiny, but acted as if they hated each other to keep their plan a secret. Their mutiny was thwarted by Smith, Jack Sparrow, and the crew of the Barnacle.

Silverback retreated to New Orleans with Louis and the two formed an alliance with Madame Minuit. He later combined with Louis and Minuit to form a giant three-headed serpent which was defeated by Jack.

Silver, Jack, and Arabella


Personality and traitsEdit

Silverback was a very greedy pirate, becoming enraged when he lost the silver gem and attacking the Hawk residence for the medallion. Despite being a capable fighter, he could be quite aloof and simply watch others fight, as shown by the fight at New Orleans.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Silverback possesed a crystal peg leg, that allowed him to read minds, teleport himself and others, and levitate objects. He was also noted by Jack to be a highly skilled swordsman.


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