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A skeleton drinking wine.

"But know that the skeleton you destroyed was nothing but a drop in the ocean. Jolly Roger's servants are many and most be far more dangerous."
Tia Dalma[src]

A skeleton was the bony body part that forms the supporting structure of many organisms. There are two different skeletal types: the exoskeleton, which is the stable outer shell of an organism, and the endoskeleton, which forms the support structure inside the body. Skeletons could also refer to a type of physically manifested undead often known in Pirate Lore. Most were human skeletons, but they could also be from any creature or race found in the world.


In the 1630s, the South Archipelago's islands were inhabited by human skeletons at night, in the jungles of islands. These skeletons wielded swords and appeared to have been pirates or sailors, and were stronger than living beings but could still be killed. They also appeared in dungeons and catacombs. The skeleton of a Scottish warrior, bearing the Highlander sword, was found in the dungeons under Redmond. In the jungles, there were also undead skeletal monkeys that could poison their victims. Undead pirates also appeared in the Incan temple on Khael Roa.

Barbossa's cursed crew of skeletons.

When the notorious pirate James Sterling visited the island of Opawy Wato, he entered the abandoned local village, discovering several human skeletons on the ground, the remains of cannibal feasts of the island's savage inhabitants. Some time later, when he boarded the ghost ship belonging to the mysterious Spaniard called El Caleuche, he saw that the ship was full of dancing skeletons.[1] The Aztec curse that lied upon the Treasure of Cortés made anyone who took a piece of the treasure turn into walking skeletons in the moonlight, as was done to the crew of the Black Pearl under Captain Hector Barbossa.[2] Within the caves of Isla de Muerta lied a skeleton with a sword stabbed on its back, which gave Will Turner the idea that Jack Sparrow was going to betray him.[3] The deck of the Flying Dutchman was decorated with the intertwined skeletons of ferocious sea beasts.[4] By the search for the Dead Man's Chest, the skeleton of the hanged priest would be seen at the Church on Isla Cruces.[5]

Jack Sparrow walking over skeletal victims of previous expeditions to the Fountain of Youth.

Most notably on the Mao Kun Map, the struggle for eternal life was symbolized by a tug of war between a skeleton and an angel aligned with the symbol of the Fountain of Youth: the Chalices.[6] Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge was spiked with human bones and festooned with the bones of his victims. Twisted mermaid skeletons can be seen among the Jungle Pools, revealing the many pitiless murders committed there, with skeletons still bound to stake by wrists. At the temple surrounding the Fountain of Youth, there were exotic creepers and clinging moss cover ancient skeletons that litter the stone steps, victims of previous expeditions. After the Profane Ritual was performed, in which Angelica was given years of life, Blackbeard's life was taken as his body completely rotted away, leaving nothing but bones. While he was nothing but a standing skeleton, Blackbeard's will was strong enough for one last, sad, reach for Angelica until his bones loosen and fall, his skeleton joining the others, a few bones separating and clattering away.[7]

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"There's only one way to stop a skeleton crew. Who possesses the skeleton key?"
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A skeleton on Isla Cruces.



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