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"Is that it?"
―Society Lady to Jack Sparrow[src]

This woman was a British noblewoman during the mid-18th century. A woman of noble rank, she was known to have resided in London, England.


Not much is known of this woman's life, but it is known that she was born of noble birth. She would reside as a woman of high society in London, England, throughout the 18th century wearing much jewelry, including rings and earrings. The noblewoman would one day be accosted by the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, who was escaping the King's Royal Guard in London. Hanging on one of the banners that hung on St. James's Palace, Jack plummeted down into the Lady's passing carriage, landing face-first on her lap.[2]

The Lady shrieked in horror until Jack sat up and leaned forward for a kiss on her ear, enticing her. Jack Sparrow then climbed out to the top of the carriage, continuing his attempt to escape the Guards, leaving the Lady wanting more. The Lady smiled as if she was overcome by love, but gasped upon realizing her earring was gone; it was taken by Jack during the "kiss" he gave to her.[2] Her further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Society Lady was portrayed by Judi Dench in On Stranger Tides.
  • In the revision screenplay draft of On Stranger Tides, instead of stealing her earring, Jack Sparrow stole the Society Lady's bracelet after kissing her hand. In these version of the screenplay, in addition, the Society Lady was given an unspeaking part unlike the finished film.[3]
  • Originally, as previously mentioned in the film's script, Jack Sparrow was going to kiss the hand of the Society Lady, and then was revealed that he stole her ring. But the ring prop seemed to conflict with the ring Jack stole from Tia Dalma in Dead Man's Chest, which he returned in the dancing scene with Angelica in On Stranger Tides. And so the item was changed to an earring. Ironically, much later in the post-production stage of On Stranger Tides, the returning-the-ring-to-Angelica moment was cut from the film.[4]
  • When it came time for filming Judi Dench's scene, it was thought of to give her a line. Although it was a very quick moment, there was an opportunity for a single line from the character, so director Rob Marshall requested some alternatives just in case. At least 9 lines was put together to choose from.[4]


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