"One pistol. One shot."
"To kill myself before I starve?!"
"There's no trusting you, love. Besides, this is a well-traveled trade route. You can signal a passing ship. Or, you can just bite the proverbial bullet, as it were.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]

Sola Fide Beach, was a small deserted island in the Caribbean Sea, with little more than a few palm trees and a great deal of white sand surrounded by an turquoise ocean. It was in relative proximity to the island where the legendary Fountain of Youth was located. Angelica was brought to this small island, where she would be marooned by Jack Sparrow.


After the battle at at the Fountain of Youth, Jack Sparrow had Angelica tied up aboard a longboat, where he took her to Sola Fide Beach. Throughout the ride, Angelica told Jack that she hated him because of his part in the death of her own father, Blackbeard, even though her own life was saved.[1]


Jack Sparrow marooning Angelica on Sola Fide Beach.

Upon arriving to the island, Jack threw Angelica ashore, giving her a pistol with one shot. Angelica tried to convince Jack not to leave her there by telling him about a treasure with jewels and that she was pregnant with his child, but he refuses to listen to them. Then they both declared their love for each other, but right before they kiss, Jack ran toward his longboat. As Jack left Angelica behind, she used her one shot from her pistol to fire at Jack, but missed.[1]

While Angelica spent time on the island, she would come into possession of the Jack Sparrow voodoo doll that was made by Blackbeard.[1] It is unknown if Angelica ever escaped from the island.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


Sola Fide Beach concept art.

  • For filming On Stranger Tides, the scene at Sola Fide Beach was filmed on a small island off the coast of Isla Palomino in eastern Puerto Rico.[2] By 2018 the little island was washed away by the sea and doesn't exist anymore.[3]
  • Some fans initially believed that the island Jack Sparrow marooned Angelica at was Rumrunner's Isle, because of Jack having been in the same situation with Hector Barbossa. However, it was proven false as the name of the island was "Sola Fide Beach" in the On Stranger Tides script.[4]
  • The term "Sola fide" means "justification by faith alone" in Latin, asserting God's pardon for guilty sinners. [5]
  • "Sola" is also the female word for "alone" in Spanish, reflecting the fact that Angelica was left alone in the island.
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