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"And I hear the weather is lovely in Spain."
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Kingdom of Spain was the European country that was in charge of the Spanish Royal Navy. Spain also owned many colonies on the North American mainland. Its capital city was Madrid.


"I've concluded that we must take action regarding these rogue pirates. If these blackguards continue to plunder and menace merchant shipping, it won't be long before England, France, Spain and probably Portugal will dispatch their navies to hunt down all pirate ships they find."
Edward Teague to assembled pirates at Shipwreck Cove[src]

In the era of exploration, discovery, and colonization, Spain amassed tremendous wealth and a vast colonial empire through the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés[1] (1519–1521), and Peru by Francisco Pizarro[2] (1532–1533). It also achieved an age of great discovery by Juan Ponce de León who discovered Florida and a tropical island during his search for the Fountain of Youth.[3]

The Spanish Habsburg monarchy became for a time the most powerful in the world. Portugal and the Kingdoms of Spain were united to create a single Spanish state in 1580 when King Philip II took the Portuguese throne. In 1588, Philip sent his invincible Armada to invade England, but its destruction cost Spain its supremacy on the seas and paved the way for England's colonization of America. Spain then sank rapidly to the status of a second-rate power under the rule of weak Hapsburg kings, and it never again played a major role in European politics. During the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–1714) Spain allied itself with France, but the war resulted in Spain's loss of Belgium, Luxembourg, Milan, Sardinia, Naples, and Gibraltar. Some time after his accession to the throne of Spain in 1746, King Ferdinand VI made Cádiz his residence.

Quest for the Fountain of Youth[]


Carriage riding to the Cádiz royal palace.

"I have a report. The Spanish have located the Fountain of Youth. I will not have some melancholy Spanish Monarch—a Catholic—gain eternal life!"
King George II[src]

In 1750, a Spanish captain and fisherman, found an ancient sailor caught in a fishing net off the coast of Spain.[4] A gold-trimmed carriage raced from a harbor in Cádiz as it arrived to the royal palace, where the captain and fisherman present to King Ferdinand the sailor, who claimed to have found Ponce de León's ship. After examining an old logbook, Ferdinand realized that the legends of Ponce de León's search for the Fountain of Youth were true. Ferdinand immediately sent his most trusted agent, known only as "The Spaniard", to find the Fountain.[3]

Spanish colonies[]

Spanish Overseas Empire and Spanish Hapsburg Realms

Map of the Spanish Empire in the 18th century.

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