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This man was a soldier in the Spanish Royal Navy during the early 18th century, serving on the Silent Mary under the command of Capitán Armando Salazar.


Early life

Not much is known about this man's early life, except that he became a soldier in the Spanish Royal Navy, eventually being stationed aboard the galleon Silent Mary under the command of the notorious pirate hunter Capitán Armando Salazar.[1]

Henry Turner


After the sharks failed to kill Jack Sparrow, Henry Turner and Carina Smyth, the crew followed them to a beach at Hangman's Bay, where they were forced to abandon their pursuit due to not being able to step on land.

The Race for the Trident

As a British Royal Navy ship, the Essex, was about to attack the Pearl, the Silent Mary appeared and crushed the Essex, before attacking the Pearl. The Mary came board-to-board with the Pearl, crashing into it and destroying a few of its cannons. During the ensuing battle, this man boarded the Black Pearl alongside his crewmates and fought the ship's small crew, filling the air with the sound of gunfire, swords ringing and screaming. Eventually, however, he and the rest of the crew had to return to the Mary, as the latter was beginning to turn away due to the island being nearby and leaving the Pearl to crash, claiming several ghosts' lives.[1]

Now able to step on dry land having possessed Henry Turner, Salazar ran into Poseidon's Tomb to face Jack and Carina. His crew, meanwhile, were able to walk on the seabed, moving inside the walls of water which magically surrounded the tomb. This man regained his human form after the Trident's destruction, and had to burst out of the wall of water in which he was standing in order to breath. As he, along with Salazar and the rest of the crew, celebrated their freedom, they soon realized that the walls of water were being closed in around them, and they all attempted to reach the anchor of the Black Pearl, their only way out of the depths of the ocean. Salazar and another two crewmen managed to reach the anchor, but this man was left behind along with the rest of the crew to be devoured by the sea, begging for their Captain to return in their final moments.[1]

Behind the scenes


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